Koxx Video Contest

Hey guys!

Here’s my video for the koxx contest. It was filmed and edited in the last two days!
I hope you like it!


Enjoy and leave a comment! :wink:

Nice man! :slight_smile:

Sweet video, loved it, very nice editing to.

i like it :smiley:

thanks at all :slight_smile:

thats cool, liked the half roll wrap to jump around, i always think of doing those when i go off balance! also the big 3 set was good

The riding was very good, but the colors/filming was amazing. And the edit was great too. I think you might win. :slight_smile:

Loved it, definitely want more!
I think you’re going to win! :smiley:

If this doesn’t win, I’ll actually be upset :stuck_out_tongue: There aren’t any other videos in the contest that are this good.


You wear alot of different shirts in 2 days.

thanks at all, nice to hear that you like it! (:

yes this has an easy reason, raphi wanted to change the colours of the t-shirt in every clip, so that he can filter the colours in final cut later. But this didn’t really work as he wanted and so he didn’t filter any of the clips, expect in the beginning.