Koxx USA now has prices! :D

I want to let you guys know after working through pricing that I now have a price list! wow!

Wheels: $125, (fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, or black)

Cranks: $69, (street or light trials)

Tires: $39, (black try-all)

Pedals: $9, (fluorescent pink or fluorescent green)

Special Frames: $139 (black domina II, alien backflip II, green spirit II)

Devil Frames: $35, (black only)

Seats: $45 (luxury seat)

Special Unicycles: $399 (alien backflip II, black domina II or greenspirit II full unicycles)

Koxx devil full unicycle: $325 (black, fluorescent green, or fluorescent pink color schemes)

Koxx Devil unicycles, Green Spirit frames, and Alien Backflip frames, and Black Domina frames, Devil Frames. All of the full wheels come standard with double butted spokes and the seats are all luxury saddles. (this is an upgrade if your not familiar). You can choose whatever cranks you want when ordering a unicycle, no extra charge or anything silly like that.

I will sell parts as well, but im trying to stay with larger orders.
If you want pics first look online. If you really want me to, I can take a pic and post it here on the forum too if you cant find information or pics online. I will have a website eventually.

Goal: My goal is to provide the best quality parts to unicyclist without making a profit to give back to the unicycle community.
Payment: Paypal, Check.
Cell Phone1 559 859 3287…
Facebook me: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?.…?id=1575207501
Email: josephfpu@yahoo.com