Koxx uni's

Im gettting a koxx for my b day but dont know which to get based mainly on strength. Its either White Russian, Devil or, Alien Backflip. I searched and tried to find info on here about them but nothing helpful AT aLL. I do street/trials. I have a 2007 dx. I do stairs and such. More trials than street i guess. Thnks!!

Any will be fine :wink: Just get what you think looks coolest, i doubt you’ll break anything :slight_smile:

get a kh or impact instead and where are you buying from cause if you buying from renegade he doesnt have almost any koxx parts anymore except from some stuff. :frowning:

devil and russian are the same just different colours :wink:

Go for the devil flight!!
They are awesome :wink:
Very good for trial and street!
and they are cheap!!
And I think the pedals are better on the flight than on the russian… ( + lighter seatclamp ^^)

or if you want to give a bit more money…
buy this one! http://www.koxx-one.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49&Itemid=56&lang=fr
so light… :roll_eyes:

go for a kh

wow that is one sexy uni :sunglasses:
its basically my uni but with a light tire and pf3 instead of pf2, just goes to show how much lighter the light is than a stiky

Get alien backflip! They look so dam nice

Their seats are great! so skinny… I wish i had one.

Im having someone buy it across the ocean and wanted to make it simple for them to order it… Theres k-124.co.uk/ but there isnt the devil light black edition on there??

I read the cranks on the white russian aren’t very strong?..

They are the isis lights, but lets be honest, your not going to break them.

i personally would not go for K1 cause impact and kh are much better except for some parts but even then…

Nha… Koxx is best xD
KH is pretty nice, but a lot more expensive than Koxx

  • I don’t like the seats that much, + seatpost on koxx is much better (Pith Fighter),
    For trial the cranks on KH are as good as on koxx… but are a lot more heavy + For street and flat are the koxx cranks better :slight_smile:
    And don’t forget… Koxx unicycles look way better :roll_eyes:

I also like impact, but are more expensive and no colours…

=> If you want to do trial or (real)street = go for devil flight
If you do flat= go for alien backflip

moments are universial good for flat and street and will never break and koxx is so expensive. the new moments are lighter too ;). kh frame is good for anything and black domina-alien backflip-green spirt and shrap and only good for flat. kh seat does suck but the base is better than the velo one (stronger and lighter) kh seat post is pretty strong and its super cheap and plus no one can even get the pit fighter 3 yet. K1 lights are bad for trial if you ask me cause of no q factor.devil frame is not so strong :frowning: and only good for like 3-4 months. also 2010 kh uni on unicycle.com is now $439 and thats over $100 less. K1 has better seat clamps but impact is just as good. impact frames are freaking strong and you’ll never break one. KH/impact wheelsets and hubs are wayyyyyy better than K1. K1 hubs rust and are damn heavy. the K1 32 hole rims are okay but only for flat and light flat. try-all tire is okay but monty is better but maxxis is not so good only for beginners. /kh doesnt make pedals so try-all ones are good but you could go better:) so imo overall K1 is the worst out of the three but its still good…


I’ve had a bad experience with my old K-1 uni. Now I’m riding a KH, and all the problems I have are normal (for the kind of riding I do).


I don’t know…
The KH frames may be better than the devil frames :wink: But they are also not really bad…
For the seat: I agreed, the base is stronger, but if you look at whole the saddle, Koxx one are much better!!
The seats of koxx are much more thin than a KH so are better for spins and seat infront riding… + Weigh less !!
The cranks are just what you like more… and I don’t care if it is with q-factor or not
Wheelset…: KH wheels are pretty good, but the koxx ones aren’t bad to :roll_eyes:
The tire of koxx is better (try-all) certanly if you take the light one!!
and pedals of koxx are better

  • don’t forget!!!

Koxx is much cheaper :smiley:

The White Russian Vs. the White Widow Round one! FIGHT!

White Russian with LIGHT cranks and hub… (which look very weak!)

I will be doing 8+ stairs and really dont want to have to spend more money on a wheelset or something!

Is the Devil probly the best choice.Weighing in at 34 pds … ?
kh is not an option.

imo impact naomi saddles are much better than koxx saddles cause koxx saddles are squarish and hurt to ride a lot with them. only some of the koxx saddles are thinner such as the giraffe one. kh hub is way better than shitty old koxx hub (even though i run a reenforced hub lol) and the new hub looks really fat and ugly i would get a mad4one instead. K1 doesnt even make their own rims try-all the bike part of the company does. K1 cranks are more expensive and the black domina series is $40 more expensive than the kh frame except for double crown. The devil frame is good for beginners but who cares i mean its not bad but KH is built much better than it. Monty eagle claw i think is better than try-all but thats just me and i like block cube tread more cause its reversible and for trial thats a necessity. and last thing about the saddles; at least the KH and impact ones are removable those K1 saddles suck for trimming foam cause you need to put lace back instead of staples. i cut my finger sooo bad with those staples… :angry:
and koxx pedals are nice (i have the butterfly 24 2) but still you can go wayyy lighter and cheaper for a longer lasting pedal.:wink:

If I ended up not liking it which would be the easiest to sell here?

The Alien Backflip is 437$ so unridden do you think i could get 380ish+ shipping…?
The reasons are complicated…

yeah im sure you could but KH long neck or short neck just went down to $439 and you would probably get it cheaper because of shipping. but idk where do you live?