koxx unicycles?

I’m looking into buying a trials unicycle but am having some trouble on deciding what to get. I’m thinking about a koxx but im not sure about the quality of them. Where can I find koxx unicycles? I have been looking around online for them but I haven’t found any except the xtp fluo. Would the xtp fluo make a good trials uni? Thanks in advance.

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Is it?
FOr questions that website doesn’t answer, click the contact page, it’s likely they can provide the better answers.

To be more specific I’m looking for an alien backflip, green spirit, or black domina because I have read on previous threads that they are the best. All I’ve found so far is the xtp fluo and the devil.

If you’re in the US, Koxx-one stuff is hard to get. Renegade Juggling has some of the older models on their site. The best K1 uni is the Rail Hunter, but I don’t know if Renegade has them. You’d have to call to find out.

The Backflip used to be on sale cheap from a lot of places, but it looks like they have all sold out. You’re probably out of luck on those. I don’t think K1 makes them anymore.

The Fluo is decent. It’s similar to the Nimbus Trials. If you have the money, an Impact Gravity or KH Trials or a Rail Hunter would be stronger and lighter. But if you’re trying to stay in the $200 range, the Fluo is probably the best thing out there.

have one left,

shipping to USA is 50$ for a unicycle…


I ordered a Koxx-One from Renegadejuggling.com last fall and had a miserable experience. I spoke to two different people that told me two different things about shipping and cost. They told me after a week that my parts were on back order and it’d be another two weeks. I told them fine, I knew it was hard to get in the US… A month and a half later, still no uni!!! So I told them to cancel my order. They told me they did and sent me a credit memo, but I still had to dispute it with my CC company!!! it was such a hassle. Avoid them if possible, or maybe call and see if they have the parts in stock ready to go.

I found them extremely helpful, when i called they helped me customize my uni so that it was good for my needs. Then they shipped it the same day and it got here a week later.

what is the quality of the unicycles from renegade juggling? Are they the older or newer devils? how durable are they and how much do they weigh?