koxx uni

This was a uni I let my friend try to learn on… he tried for two hours and gave up. I will cover shipping to usa and canada.
kh seat
***pit fighter II seat post
white or red clamp, your choice
black devil frame
***brand new wheel (2 hours of riding on it)
koxx reinforced hub
***double butted black spokes
***hot yellow rim
***tensile cranks

I would love to buy the wheelset (no tire, I’m good there)

I would buy it, but you broke my trust! How could you not get that other teachers number!!! I thought you were different… I was wrong…

haha, ya when I do get her number ill let you know what happened in the teachers lounge. :wink: lol! I would be willing to part it out as long as i sell the entire thing I dont want a bunch of random unicycle parts laying around.

do you have pictures

yes pics would help very much…

Yes post some pics

I may be interested in the onza tensile cranks and red seat clamp… would you ship to New Zealand?

hello people. I can send the uni with a white or red clamp… this old monty XLIGHT tire or a maxxis creepy crawler. pics r kinda lame looking cause its nighttime in my kitchen without much light… but ya! thats it!

OMG!!! That tire looks awefully cool!!! too bad they dont make the sidewalls like that anymore:p

What tire is that??

It is a NIMBUS XLIGHT— super light weight tire
NEW PRICE $275 and I will still cover shipping!

Nimbus or monty? you said monty in the ninth post.

lol ya, monty!

Hahahaha I know I was interested in the other one but I would love to buy the wheel set how much for that? pm me

Just wondering is the hub true ISIS?

I am willing to buy the clamp(s) too. Last thing what year KH seat is that?

I am not sure but its not brand new

Hmmm. How much for the tire, cranks and pedals?

only selling the unicycle complete… the hub is true isis because it fits tensile cranks and koxx cranks both.
you guys want to part it out??? well have I got a deal for you!
how about I sell the uni for $250 and I will throw in a size medium koxx jersey and you can do the parting out. :slight_smile: the cranks, wheel, and seatpost are probably more than $250 alone. plus theres more to a unicycle than just those three parts.

Sorry but I’m not sure I understand what you mean