Koxx uni for sale (green devil)

Okay my friend is selling a unicycle here from Hungary. He might not sell it but I think he might if he gets a reasonable price. He is willing to part the unicycle out but only he sells the whole thing. If you buy the unicycle you get a free helmet or a pay $15 for a sixsixone helmet. Here are the specs of the unicycle:
Koxx-one Devil frame
Try-all seat post
giraffe Koxx- one saddle
neon green koxx-one clamp with shim for frame
Koxx-one light hub
sliver spokes
neon green try-all rim
koxx-one reenforced cranks
try-all metal pedals (naked)
creepy crawler (fairly used)

last but not least he also has a extra black try-all 36 hole rim that is a little out of true for $70 that can be trued up. It has a reenforced hub.
Please tell us what you think you would pay for this unicycle. We were thinking around $375. You pay for shipping but will send worldwide!
pics soon!