Koxx Uni, Crank, Pedal, & a Problem

Bought new pedals for a Koxx uni. While attempting to loosen one of the pedals the adapter that screws into the crank unscrewed instead. The pedal is still in the adapter while the adapter is out of the crank.

Anyone familiar with this problem and how to get the pedal out of the adapter without ruining the threads? Perhaps posting pictures would be helpful.

Generally speaking, a thread can be gripped by locking two nuts together on it. Finding the right nuts might be difficult.

Without coffee, I am struggling to see which part is still attached and which one isn’t.
A pic, even from a phone, would help greatly.

The good news is: if you just want to install the new part and don’t care about the old one, it makes things easier when choosing what to do :smiley:

It’s not an adapter, but the steel threaded insert. I don’t think it’s very easy to get replacement inserts, and probably impossible for Koxx cranks.

To OP: does the insert have two holes in the flange? I’m imagining a tool made from a long piece of metal, or maybe even wood, that has wire on one end that you would thread through the holes, and then wrap around the threads. Once installed you could use it as a wrench to turn the insert off (with a pedal wrench for opposing force). This is how i remove drum brakes from Tandem bike hubs, and it works very well.

Is there any reason that applying some red locktite to the adapter (insert?) and re-threading it into the crank would not work? I would think that after the locktite hardened, the pedal could then be removed.

This is a good idea. Glueing it in with loctite wouldn’t hurt it since you really shouldn’t ever need to remove the insert. Just be careful to get it only where you need it.

Enjoy my tutorial! It was done on Moment cranks in the video, but it works well with all the cranks with inserts. I’ve done Moments, Tensiles, K1 Light and Impact Eiffel so far! Blue locktight probably wont be intense enough for this, red eventually breaks. There’s no point to remove the insert, so go with JB weld, it should stay there forever. I’d rather have mine stuck there forever than having to do the job over and over again.

JB Weld

The close ups in Jaco’s video is exactly what mine look like. Thank you to all for your suggestions.

Jaco, thanks for the video. That had crossed my mind, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to that… after seeing your finished product we’ll be doing the same. I have some JB Weld around somewhere.

I’ve done that on more than a dozen of cranks. Only my Tensile eventually got loose again, but I was switching pedals alot and riding trials really hard at that moment. None of my KH cranks got loose again!

Enjoy! Post the final result :slight_smile:

Here you go…

Finally got around to this… no issues… nice that JB Weld is somewhat self-leveling during the curing process. Really have to make sure none of it gets on the inside (pedal) threads. Thanks, again, Jaco for the video.