KOXX: Their newest team rider... he's British..

Thats right guys, Joe Hodges has become the newest member of Team Koxx.
After talking to Fred Savage (the UK distributor of Koxx), with a little bit of my help, Joe’s put together an impressive CV and has gained the great interest of Mr. Savage. As a result, he passed on the CV to Koxx FR, and from there, we heard that Joe would be becoming a ‘full on’ factory team rider.

Most of you guys probably know him from BUC or Unicon, where he did very well in both trials competitions. How sponsorship came about was when I found out that Fred Savage was looking for a UK unicyclist specializing in trials to ride for him (Koxx UK/Trialsman/NSE) but as it appears, Joe’s managed to land the big one, and get the proper Koxx sponsorship through Koxx UK. 12 month contract.

Expect more videos from Joe soon, I’m in the process of finishing a long one of him as we speak (just a little more footage!). As well as more pictures.

For now, all I can say is congratulations Joe, you deserve it mate. :wink:

Cool, congradulations. But I dont know if hes the newest…

Congrats mate! Your an awesome rider and have worked hard for it!

Rock on!


well done, so with this are u finally gona post for urself lol u need to eveyr now n then, well done m8 thats wkd for uk riding, go the right attitude to be koxx aswell wkd


and sorry if i missed something but is it koxx one as in run by yoggi or koxx the trials team

Both I believe (but don’t quote me on it).

Since he’s a unicyclist, Koxx-One is probably his new team, but Koxx (bikes) runs the whole thing. Joe got his sponsorship through Fred Savage and Koxx being impressed, I am under the impression that Koxx have put him on the Koxx One team.

I quote from Koxx: “full on” team rider.

Koxx, Koxx-One, same thing really, just call the whole thing ‘Koxx’.

yh spose i was just wondering what website to look on lol, but nothing yet as i am not surprised they still haven’t removed rocco from there team and he moved to qu ax couple of months ago now. lol, anyway its good what ever so is joe baxter still sponsored by them then or is it like a rolling rotation of contracts

Hey Sponge I’m just a bit curious as to why you are always posting for Joe? Are you guys like roomates or something and you are the one that uses the computer? or does he just not really like using the computer?

Anyways, congradulations to Joe on his new contract, I hope he got the better end of the deal, and its not too restricting a contract.

we’re good friends, and the only 2 riders in our area, we do ride and hang out a lot of the time as well.

but he doesn’t have internet access for himself, as it is his dad’s computer at his home. That’s why I post on behalf of him, and that’s why he uses my account to post sometimes, when he’s over at my place.

He got a VERY good deal with Koxx, but I’ll keep this and several other things private for now. :wink:

that is sick news, its awesome to see a fellow brit in such a high positon in the unicycle world. Good on that lad for managing that!

i thought i saw him on www.koxx-one.com a long time ago? in the junior team

thats joe baxter another british rider 2 times british trials champion and a quality chap

He just had to get sponsored.
His Seat Under hops are so high and good.
Anyway Sponge, say he diserves it.
Koxx One couldn’t got a beter new rider.


Aye man, thats sweet.

Go Joe!