Koxx Signature - 20" freestyle

Need money to finance my addiction (buying unicycle hardware).
So I’m selling of one unicycle I don’t really use anymore, the Koxx signature.
So the same model Daiki Izumida was riding.

It has some regular wear, but as the pictures show; it is in perfect condition (so everything is straight - nothing was ever abused).
The only real damage is a crack in the bumper (see picture).

All in original state, except the upgraded tyre (Primo Comet), better spokes, and the pedals (not the cheap plastic pedals with play).

Therefor I think E 285 should be a reasonable price for it.
Will ship worldwide.

E 275 + shipping

This is a personal transaction, of a used item.

Uhm, I don’t understand. Which name do you consider nickname?

E 250 + shipping

Most likely sold; to a Danish dude who broke 2 others within one month (!!!).

But it seems not.
So € 200,- (and I wont go lower than this).