koxx saddles...

well i have the white camo koxx1 seat and its really nice, its comfy and easy to pull out a sif. 5 stars.(oh yah, thios goes out to all you kris holm lovers…i like koxx 1 :astonished: :astonished: )

Yeah, I recently bought the Koxx Pink Lady saddle and I love it! Its nice and thin to hold for seat out trials! Its fairly comfy for just riding around, although I havn’t used it for very long periods yet.

Rock on!

yah i went on a 2hour ride a few days ago with it, it was comfy!(im also gonna ride it on halloween):smiley:

The colour on this seat goes down pretty fast…

But have you tried the new KH street saddle to compare???

I’ve compared the KH street saddle and the bluberry saddle which I guess has the same innards as the white widow. (briefly)

the blueberry seemed comfier at least at first, I’m not sure how it would last for a long ride though. The KH was alot flatter, which I really like for unispins and seat out. the KH was comfier than a nimbus gel, but not by much.

The Blueberry and white widow saddles don’t have gel inserts, so it is not fair to compare them to the Kris Holm street saddle which does have a gel insert


I fidn the gel inserts to be really hard…

yah i dont like gel, also yes the color wears down but thats ok to me, im about comfort not looks. oo yah i did try out the KH street saddle too.

i dont reckon the new kh street saddle is that comfey. it’s fantastic performance-wise though so it still gets my vote cos street and trials arent about comfort.

Koxx saddles are nasty for SIF… comapred to thinner saddles.

I had a Koxx saddle, so did Joe hodges. We both felt that a thinner saddle would make SIF ten times nicer feeling.

So, Joe cut down the foam in his saddle, and I just bought a KH Street saddle. Both new saddles felt incredible for SIF, as we can get more of our hand around the saddle.

If you like SIF very much… then i strongly advise you cut down the foam inside your Koxx saddle. It is guaranteed to feel much better if you cut it well, unarguably incredible! :wink:

So Joe is doing SIF now? :stuck_out_tongue:

…leopard print seat… pfff no one got shit on that steeze

koxx is comfy, easy to hold, and damn fine lookin.

the only thing the kh has got on the koxx is the removable cover. koxx is stapled in so it is more of a pain to switch seat base or repair and whatnot.
for some reason my balls just feel a bit more safe riding in style

well i like my saddle an thats that

No way Jerrick! Joe is still adamant on seat-in for everything except for his absolute biggest sidehops SIF which are about 98-99cm.

I think that that technique is probably the best out, just watch Thomas Pettraco and Yoggi, they seem to use seat-in for most technical lines. But tend to use SIF for their biggest sidehops. Seat-in can not be a terrible technique when it alone has got people like Joe and Yoggi so far, and considering that seat-in hoppers have the largest gaps and dropgaps.

Yeah, look at Rocco too. He does almost everything seat in and hes pretty darn good.

i know he doesnt sif and hes one of the best rials riders!

anybody have a link to the picture of this seat?

Koxx One Website, you’ll find all pics you want