koxx saddles (where do I purchase)

I live in the U.S. and am looking to buy a koxx saddle. How and where can I order one around here so shipping isn’t too expensive. Also any reccomendations on which saddle to order and why would be very helpful.

you could ask tim at trialsin.com, he might be able to hook you up.

renegade juggling has them.

I’ve only tried the blueberry saddle, but I was very impressed with it. cool looking, and comfortable. also very slim for sif.

But, renegade only has the one that comes on the Devil, and it doesnt have kevlar on the sides which means it will rip more easliy.

I think they also have the other ones. email him.

I just checked their site. They dont have the kevlar ones on their site but im sure you could order one through them.

does the blueberry saddle have a gel insert?

no but its comfier without it.