Koxx Road Monster

Hey everyone. Check this out! ( www.koxx-one.com )

Go to the koxx site, then to the english section then go to goods > unis > muni. Its called the road monster and looks like a awsome street uni.


O man that is sweet, but why a 24? Don’t most street riders use 19" unis? I would totaly be all over it like stink on poo if it were a 19" but I’m not a fan of the 24s.

24"s are awesome…I would ride one all the time if I were taller. I don’t like the possiblity of nutting myself on the wheel from a missed unispin :wink:

I guess its made for people who like 24"s. There’s allready a 19" koxx uni
(Devil). Is thear such thing as a slick 19" tire? I’m gonna sand my old luna down so its slick but i’ll probly wear through it pretty quickly.

Xavier cut all the nobbies off his tryall and it is really slick. I saw it in a picture once. I tried to saw off one of the nobbies on my tire and I didn’t get half way through it before I gave up.

I have been searching the net like crazy for a hookworm style tire that would fit on a trials rim and is at least 2.5 inchs wide but it just doesn’t exist, I’m surprised no one makes one.

Why are you surprised? The mod 19" rim is intended only for trials and a slick hookworm type tire would suck alot for trials. If you just want to do street and you want a slick high psi tire then get a bmx rim.

I saw that pic of xaviers uni aswell. I was just wondering if you could buy one. I’m gonna cut the nobs off my old luna. THe only thing im worried about is not knowing when its worn through and it just popping on a jump.

you could always just try cutting them down so that they arent fully cut but so a protective mm or so sticks out.

It probably also helps if you’re sponsored by Koxx (Try-All). Makes you not worry so much about wearing the tire out as fast due to cutting or grinding the knobs down. I assume he gets a discount on his tires and equipment.

it is in the MUni section, so I don’t know that its actually made for street riding…

well it definitely isn’t made for Muni. if it isn’t for street it would be a cruiser, but it is splined so that’s not the case.

My guess is that its made for jumping stairs and such. It’s got the big tire so you can go faster and get the distance needed, it’s got the splined crankset so it would hold up to the fall and the slick tire makes it nice.

Other than glides and one footed wheel walks what is the main advantage to a tire like that?

it has better grip on surfaces like concrete, and less rolling resistance so you could go faster. At least that’s how I understand it.

As advertised on his website this 24" uni is made for street riding (although it is oddly advertised in the Muni section)
There is a big trend in the French community going on, a lot of people want to ride street uni, mainly because of Xavier Collos. As strange as it seems there is no slick 19" tyre, cut up trials tyres tend to go flat pretty quickly so I wouldn’t be surprised if Yoggi released one at some point.
Since Street is a combination of freestyle and trials it is easy to imagine why a slick uni would be more convenient for freestylish moves.

I’d rather see a fat bouncy slick 20" tire rather than a 19" trials tire. A 19" is just slightly too small. But if I can’t get that then a fat bouncy slick 19" would suffice.

I think that making a fat bouncy 19" would give you more air volume, so more bounce

You’d have the same air volume as a 19" trials tire so the tire and wheel diameter would be the same as a 19" trials wheel. That’s slightly smaller than I’d like for that style of unicycle. A 19" is great for trials, but a little small for freestyle type stuff.

A 20" (standard 20" BMX size rim) with a tire as fat as a trials tire would be the ticket.

Which also means create new frames and introduce new wheelsets, it takes time I guess. Maybe they’ll do that though, not a bad idea.
However, for those of us who lack the real estate or the money, it could be nice to swap our trials tyre, with a 19" street tyre when we feel like it (during summer for instance). Takes less room and would cost no more than 30 €

Well a 19x2.5" trie and a 20" tire have the same outside diameter. I think its put in muni because it couldent go anywere else, basic. trials. muni. freestyle.