Koxx Replies About Their ISIS Issue.

I guess ISIS isnt so standard after all. Specially when you look at the chart that someone made showing the compatability with all the ISIS hubs and cranks.


It is completely interchangable on bikes isn’t it?

I thought ISIS was a standard so all ISIS cranks would be compatible with each other in the same way that standard cotterless hubs/cranks are compatible

What did Yoggi’s Enclosed file say about “ISIS” crank/hub compatibility, Jerrick?


for bikes all ISIS cranks and bottom brackets fit together

His inclosed file was that chart I posted.

Its just showing, that even though its ISIS, there are some modifications and small adjustments that can be made to make them different, but still ISIS.

Thats stupid, it defeats the whole purpose of being ISIS.

It is stupid.

Only if all ISIS fit with all other ISIS. Im not sure how much buisnesses would like that though, even though it wouldnt be too hard on them, cause people would still either be buying their hubs or their cranks.

I guess its time to buy a monty hub then. They were the only ones compatible with everything.

Now if everyone can just start using the monty specs, and stop using those damn inserts! We should all be fine and dandy.

Too bad the monty hubs aren’t more easily available. The whole monty uni looks cool, the frame is way too beefy and the seat is kinda fat…why doesn’t anyone sell them in north america?
I noticed on the monty website on the pic of their uni they didn’t put the crank bolts on.

That was kind of a threadjack:o

Personaly, i dont care what uni cranks fit the koxx hub, i care what bike cranks will. Also, what makes it incompatible? Is it the little spacers on there? If you put on a shorter/longer spacer could you run different cranks? Or do the splines not fit?

ISIS bike cranks seem to be really expensive though and will only work for muni because of the long lengths (which I know you don’t care about but other people would)

You can get isis bike cranks in short lengths…

ur gonna f ur kneecaps on that monty frame. !!!kh 20 o7 all the way

Yeah but with the kh you dont get an eagleclaw or spiffy white rim.

Yeah, that thing is sexy… and I’ve never hit my knees off of my frame… not even off of my friends Yuni frame.

Just to point out that in Britain (and I think in Europe too) there were no problems with the Koxx cranks. I don’t think that the people in America and Canada were educated properly, no problems over here!

Shame about the ISIS but is it a huge problem?


May I point out that the chart is a bit weird?

Axe rouge Qu-Ax, the new red ISIS Qu-Ax hub fits KH moment cranks, while it says it doesn’t in the chart, I don’t think it fits Koxx alu and CrMo cranks…

Axe JAUNE Qu-Ax, the yellow Qu-Ax splined hub, it doesn’t fit any ISIS cranks?! That’s weird… but wait… the yellow Qu-Ax hub isn’t ISIS splined… that kind of explains why it only fits the standard Qu-Ax splined cranks, it doesn’t explain why it’s in the chart at all…

Axe Koxx-One, it can be combined with both the Alu Koxx cranks and the CrMo Koxx cranks.

Axe bleu Kris Holm balance, The blue Kris Holm ISIS Moment (not balance) hub, I heard that it couldn’t fit the Koxx cranks just like the Qu-Ax doesn’t, but I guess I could be wrong…

Axe Onza, no information there, I have one, it’s exactly the same as the KH hub, but black. It fits the Qu-Ax ISIS alu cranks, KH moment and Onza tensile cranks.

Axe Monty, no information.



i agree with mike is it that much of a problem?

And also we are all going and blaming koxx-one but since koxx-one were the first (i think) with isis cranks and hubs surely everyone else shoudl have checked their gear was interchangeable with theirs?

I thought the ISIS specs were sufficiently precise, so that all ISIS systems are compatible. Additionally there are reference tools available, I cite from the ISIS documentation:
Standard reference tooling is available through the ISIS Drive web page
(www.isisdrive.com). This reference tooling allows for the quick and easy
determination of whether a crankarm and bottom bracket spindle meet the ISIS
Drive geometry requirements. The tools can therefore be used to ensure that parts
are manufactured correctly and are interchangeable with each other. All
manufacturers of ISIS Drive parts are strongly urged to use these reference tools in
their quality procedures.

Is the current situation a problem? Well, if you ever want to change your cranks (e.g. I would like to get 125mm Moment cranks) it is. It is also quite confusing. And the bottom line still is that Koxx seems to be in breach of the ISIS license agreement (by not folowing the specs). Does anyone know what the situation for Koxx bicycle cranks is like, i.e. are they compatible with other manufacturers?

I am really quite tired of this whole topic, but I am also glad that Koxx finally gets some pressure over this. I will just sell my Koxx after Christmas and be all happy after that :slight_smile:

OMG if you want Moment Cranks, get a Moment hub, if you want KOXX-1 cranks, get a KOXX-1 hub. If you get a Moment hub and cranks, you can use those cranks and hub with any cranks and hub accept KOXX-1. If you have KOXX-1 hub and cranks, you probably don’t want anyone elses hub and cranks anyway.

The bigger issue, and one I am struggling with right now is, I like to have my back foot firmly planted on a Pinned Welgo pedal and my left foot has grown accustomed to a Biscuit Pedal. I hate that the stupid pedal companies take for granted that we all want TWO pedals when we buy them. Those guys won;t let you just mix and match your pedals like you want to. “have to buy a package of TWO” no switchies. Well I think that sucks. BTW does anyone want a left Welgo and right biscuit, both are brand new?