Koxx red devil saddle for trials

has anyone tried out this saddle for trials and is it any good? I might buy it. Also any reviews on the blueberry or white widdow.

Whats wrong with your DX saddle and your LX?

Koxx saddles are SOOOO nice ! i have the blueberry and the red-devil seat. both have lasted me more then 3 months!!! which is a new record of anyseat (including KH and Viscount seats). if you want one you can get one from the candian distributor of Koxx-one www.Division8.ca . they are great guys there and will answer emails usally next day

I had to cut down the seatpost alot to fit it on my 24’’ so It’s too short for my 20’’ and hurts like a bee sting for sif. As for my lx saddle, I’ve had it for about 3 years and there’s absolutely no padding left, the seat cover is ripping, the handle is boken, the back bumper is cracked, and the stitching is coming undone.

i have the red devil saddle and its amazing i love it. Its more comfortable than my really thick std kris holm basic saddle (the old type without the nice front bumper…)

Get one they are really nice. Although i’ve heard the gel ones arent as good… but i’ve never tried em.

yeah go the padded not gel. i got the kh street saddle and it hurts like crap for any ride over 1 km long. however i do have a bony a**. pads are good gel is bad.

Gel will act like an airseat and distribute weight evenly through out the seat.

Some people like it, others dont.

Usually you want your weight to be positioned as back as you can get it, thats why people like to tilt their seats up.

Koxx makes a great seat, but I like KH better mainly for their fusion cover. You can take that off then customize your seat to fit you perfectly. Much easier to do on a KH than on a Koxx. =p

yeah i agree the fusion seat cover is a very good idea. I originally thought it was pointless, now i’d love to mess aroudn with teh foam to customise my seat… if i ever get enough money to get a distance uni (i love going places with my uni but really cant with this 20") i’d get the freeride, it looks amazing.