Koxx Rail Hunter frame (white if possible)


I’m looking for a Koxx Rail Hunter frame, white is possible but black might be ok



Complete white

Complete black

Please no !
I spent, and lost, 4 monthes of discusion with them, they changed the price during our exchanges and finally they refused to sell me the last white frame they have in stock

I know and contacted them, they can only sell the complete uni and this is too expensive for me

Then you have no chance imo :stuck_out_tongue: I am sorry.

Most you can hope for is second hand. I bought a white rail hunter from ridetriton but it was complete uni.

I can’t contribute anything useful before other than a big, heartfelt “damn.”

That white frame is gorgeous. Makes me think of the totally tricked out Impact I almost bought once but then became poor, but way way cooler. I’ve never seen one of these before. Aluminum, right?

Yeah, it’s a real shame koxx went out of the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Koxx were ahead of their time in unicycle frames. Such interesting frames.

I am collecting all the interesting koxx frames when I am done I hope it will be able to show some of the history of early Street/trials unicycles

Yogi left Koxx company and created Addict, which became Impact, so Koxx spirit is still there even if today Yogi is no more involved in Impact (managed by Roger Davies)

At home we have 2 Koxx Carbon for my son and 1 very rare (number 6 over 6 produced) Koxx XTP 24 for me

XTP 24" ?!?! Please take a picture of that I must see.

I have Alien Backflip, Green Spirit, Black Domina, Karbon Koncept, Rail Hunter White, Rail Hunter Black, Black XTP, Koxx Titanium which is one of 5 made

My green spirit is very destroyed though, I wish I could find a new one :frowning:

XTP24 was a muni frame with Magura bosses. I’m using it with a 26 wheel for city commuting. Photo later please

here it is

That is amazing. Now I want to find one of the remaining 5…

I know 4 of them, they are in France …

If any are looking to sell one at any point…

I will have to keep an eye out on monocycle.info and your blog

3.Krisz>Me>Steven Hughes

Also the 5 titanium seat posts that were produced with it

1.Mark Fabian

3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

4.Papi Pablo
5.Gabriel Coste

Also the 5 titanium seat posts that were produced with it

1.Mark Fabian

3. ?
4. ?
5. ?