Koxx over Kris holm

Okay so im in a tough situastion. I need to decide between these two trialsawesome unis. which is stronger, stylish, and lighter. The koxx is about 100 $ cheaper but is it worth it. I like the looks of them and it makes me want to jizz my pants. On the other hand I heard they break easy and that there is like no space at all between the wheel and the frame. Would it be worth it to get the KH now or when my skillz improve and I know what to get. So please answer. Which is better and would be better in the end. Also, im kind of a heavy dude (220 lbs) so is the koxx good for heavier people like me hoppin around on them or is the Kris holm equally as good or more as less. Personal experience and use is always appreciated and would help me pick my next trialsunicycle!


A lot of people put down Koxx-One products, but I’ve been completely satisfied with ever one of their products that I’ve used. I do prefer KH frames to Koxx frames though, but that’s just personal preference.

What I suggest you do is buy a Nimbus 20" Trials . As your skills improve, you can upgrade the parts and eventually make it into a KH unicycle.

This way, if you decide that trials isn’t for you, you’ve only spent a little over $300. If you decide you do like trials, you can upgrade the parts and end up with a top-of-the-line trials unicycle.

I’ve heard that all the issues w/ the Koxx frames has been consistent quality of the welds. So you could end up w/ a really strong frame.

If you have the $ now (or willing to wait and save up), I’d get the KH, if not the Nimbus w/ upgraded cranks. I wish I had done this, I got a Torker DX as my first uni. At least you already have a uni to ride and practice skills requiring not as strong equipment.

Wow, I’m being taught new words by a 17 year old :frowning: Please tell me english is your first language :smiley:

in the uk (where i am) it would seem that the best prices to get the newest kh trials is 345 and the xtp is 380 so there is not a massive difference

i hear that kh uni’s are very good but i also hear the same about koxx

i own a koxx devil and it hasn’t given me any problems so far and i prefer how koxx uni’s look in comparison to kh unis so if i got a kh uni i would have to change some stuff but that is not that bigger deal

so either way you go basically:all the unis will be roughly the same strength, will be different weights, look different, cost different amounts and due to the contactpoints, feel different, but changing you contact points to what you prefer is personal preference

I think you need to take the koxx flight (my friend has it to :p)
The unicycle is very cheap, light, ride very good and has an awesome seat…

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it sounds like you already have an idea which way you are going to go, but my 2c goes to the Nimbus since that’s what i have.

XTP for pure trials.
KH for allround riding.

Okay first off, what is an xtp. Second which cranks should I get if I want to do both trials and street? What about only street? What about only trials? Is the koxx good for holding a kinda heavy person?(208Lb). Thanks and if you can please take the time to answer ALL of my questions if you can! Thanks!


Get the KH, you wont break anything on it(exept maybe a seatpost and a plastic seat base). I had a Koxx-one a year ago, before I changed for KH parts, my devil frame broke and my trials reinforced cranks bented. With a KH this stuff wont happen. KH cranks are good for Trials and street. KH 4 life yo!:stuck_out_tongue:

Okay first off, what is an xtp. Second which cranks should I get if I want to do both trials and street? What about only street? What about only trials? Is the koxx good for holding a kinda heavy person?(208Lb). Thanks and if you can please take the time to answer ALL of my questions if you can! Thanks!


Here’s a picture of the XTP, it has that different frame that is great for pure trials as you wont hit your legs on it. As for cranks I have the 135 Street cranks and if you are going to be doing some flat they are really nice. My friend has the 140 Light cranks and mine are much easier to stand on. Sorry I don’t know about your other questions

Yeah, I geuss KH 08 cranks won’t bend.
But boy, those cranks are way to thick and heavy.
I’m using K1 Light cranks and they are still intact after 2 years of use.
So maybe your landing technique could be wrong to :roll_eyes:

Devil frames are a bit of a problem yeah with the faulty welds…

Well I have never heard the complaint about no room on hte tire, I have been ridin koxx for a few years now. They are the same uni to me (k1 and kh) if you want a stylish lookin ride, koxx has more options. If you like straight cranks go with koxx, if you want some q factor for with KH. The koxx street cranks are nice, but not as strong. The pit fighter k1 posts seem stronger than kh posts. I like koxx saddles better, but im starting to go away from straight cranks when it comes to trials. U wont be disapointed with either uni. However, i dont like the try all tires =p

please someone answer these questions

  1. Where can I buy this xtp
    2 are all koxx unicycles good for holding a heavier person (200=220)
  2. does koxx sell white try all pedals cause i would really like those


  1. http://www.k-124house.com/Unicycles/unicycles/all/PAGE3
  2. yeah… as long you don’t trial with freestyle unicycles… trial unicycles are made for b!g drups, gaps…!
  3. http://www.k-124house.com/Unicycles/pedals/all ?

If you haven’t decided if you’re gonna do street, trial or flat, please DON’T get get the Koxx-one. especially not the XTP. the KH is more allround… and there is many pros there’s using it. take a look at Max Schulze, Adrien Delecroix and the other guys from the KH factory team…

if you’re gonna do pure trial get some tensile cranks. if you do this your uni is even lighter than an XTP

if you’re gonna do pure street it is fine in stock version, but you could upgrade to some shorter cranks if you want more speed and faster flips

and if you’re gonna do pure flat just get some Rollo discs…

Okay, this may sound like a stupid question and probably is, but how do you order from
k-124house and are the orders customizable? Can they be shipped to the U.S? And how come the price is in Euros?

You can get a fully customized Koxx One here and they are located in the US.

That doesn’t make any sence, because people who are sponsored by KH can only use KH stuff…