koxx or nimbus?

So which is better for a trials/street/flat? I’m looking at either a nimbus trials, a koxx xtp fluo, or koxx devil. Which is better between the two koxx ones. They are much cheaper than the nimbus but how do they all compare to each other? Also, is there is anything else in that price range ($215-330) that is worth considering?

They are both very good, but if I were you I would definitely go for the Nimbus. Koxx is run by K124 and nimbus is unicycle.com. UDC is run by people who are passionate about unicycling, K124 doesn’t care about unicycling. Nimbus is ten times better for the service alone.

But what about unicycle quality? I know nimbuses are very strong but how are they for street/flat? If it makes any difference, I’m thinking about a nimbus inferno.

The xtp fluo and the devil are the same unicycle. The Koxx-One is lighter and has stronger cranks, however the cranks are a bit long for street and flat. The Nimbus has a stronger frame (the Koxx devil frames dent really easily) and you can pick the crank length, however the pedal threads on the cranks are known to strip easily, so you need to be careful to keep them tight and not cross thread them. The nimbus seat is far superior since it has the new KH seatbase, which is way stronger than the base in the Koxx seat .

Either would be a great unicycle to start out with, and with a few upgrades later on could be a nice street and flat unicycle that is relatively light.

Thanks for the info!

What did you end up getting?

The XTP and Devil are totally different frames! Not the same!

Devil: squarecrown, cr
XTP: no squarecrown (45 degree angle), alu, very light, strong bearing holders


You’re right. But for some reason online retailers in the US have been calling the older Devils “XTP Fluo” unicycles even though they do not have XTP frames: http://www.walmart.com/ip/XTP-Fluo-20-Professional-Unicycle-Yellow/15383526. This is probably what he is talking about.

I’m not so sure about that, I think Nimbus may be Gemcrest, Ltd.

(but for the record; I’m very happy with my Nimbus’es)

Yes that is what I am talking about. Does anybody know what cranks those are and how long they are? Also what is a good crank length for trials/street/flat? also why does this website (http://www.compulsioncycles.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=39_87) have the fluo and devil for different prices if they are the same unicycle?

Those are Koxx Aluminum ISIS cranks - 140mm. 140 (or 138/137 depending on brand) is a common crank size for trials unicycles though some do come with 125 cranks. You are probably better off starting in the 137-140 range of cranks. 125s will give you better spin but they trade off leverage/ease of control.

Regarding price? Those are identical unicycles save the different color components and names. They most likely came in at different wholesale prices and were priced accordingly. UDC carries the Nimbus trials unicycle at two different prices, probably for the same reason. $213 for that White Widow is a pretty good price and probably the cheapest you can find right now on a new Koxx. Might not hurt to wait a few days though, and see if CC or UDC have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

What about the alien backflip, green spririt, and black domina. I found a few for sale for not much more expensive than the nimbus(k1=$350; nimbus=$330) but how do they compare to the nimbus. All threads about them are dated and compare them to older models. I know they are stronger and lighter than the devil frames but how do they compare to the newer models of other brand unis?

I have a green spirit, and I like it a lot. The aluminum frame is lighter than the Nimbus one, and I like the shape better for putting my feet on. It comes with those steel tubular cranks that are very strong and wide enough to stand on for rolls. The 27.2mm diameter seat post is stronger, and the try-all sticky tire is better than the nimbus blizzard.

Not too long ago the green spirit was top of the line meant to compete with the KH trials uni. It’s is a step up from the nimbus trials in almost every way.

The metal trials pedals are deadly though. If you get one, you’ll probably want to order plastic pedals.

Thanks the green sririt frame is lighter than the nimbus but as it as strong? Or should i just save up for an impact reagant for $400? Is the reagant as good or better than the koxx or nimbus and in what ways?

The Impact Reagent is quite similar to a Green Spirit. The Reagent frame is probably stronger than the Green Spirit, but the corners look like a bit of a knee hazard. The wheel set is very similar, and so are the seats, although the Impact seat is thinner.

Lots of people have broken Green Spirit/Black Domina/Alien Backflip frames, but I wouldn’t say they break easily. I’ve been riding an Alien Backflip for 2 years now and I haven’t broken it. This may be because I don’t do a lot of hopping on tire tricks, or big street. Unless you’re very rough on frames, I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much.

The Nimbus is a great unicycle, but it’s not really comparable to the Green Spirit or Reagent because of its steel frame and weaker cranks. The steel frame will always be stronger than the aluminum frames, but the weight will hold you back if you start doing big spins and jumps.

I know this is a thread about nimbus vs koxx but for $350 you can get a secondhand KH trials which I think is much better than a new nimbus or Koxx


Btw, if i get a nimbus i will be upgrading to moment cranks when they are on sale(upgrading to moments is free when they are on sale) So the weaker nimbus cranks are not a problem. Moments are stronger and lighter than the impact and koxx cranks right? Do the moment cranks make the nimbus a better option compared to the green spirit/alien backflip/black domina or reagant?

Moments are indestructible, but they aren’t light. KH Spirit cranks, on the other hand, are extremely light. Moments are great cranks, but so are Koxx-One street cranks, which come on the Green Spirit, it really depends on whether you like tubular or square cranks. The Impact also has tubular cranks, although I have no experience with them.

A Green Spirit, Impact Reagent, or Kris Holm Trials would still be better for flatland and street because of their aluminum frames. You could always upgrade the Nimbus frame later on though, and then the unicycle would be as good as the others.

All of the unicycles we are talking about are great, so you really can’t go wrong.

There was a KH trials going for 200 pounds (320 usd) on the trading post here a bit ago.

Snatched that deal right up. It’s out there, just quite rare.