Koxx-One's "The One": DVD Review

I received the DVD from Tim at trialsin.com. I thought over-all it was well put together. It really displays the signature Koxx-One flashy style. The whole DVD is adorned with great effects and animations. But, because of my lack of knowledge of the French language, some of the parts were quite boring, ex: the one’s which consisted of purely talking. I thought that this made some parts of the movie boring, but any part that featured riding held my attention. But, the disappointing thing was that there was less riding than I expected to see on the main movie. The special features, on the other hand, raised my views on the DVD. These videos showed off very advanced riding and was quite entertaining. They really made the DVD worth having. Especially the UNICON video “Tous Unis”, this in my opinion, was the one of the greatest highlights of the entire DVD. Overall, it was a great DVD, some parts let me down, but cumulatively it was a positive experience.

I wonder if “subtitles” on the DVD player would work…if not, I’m still in on getting a copy. I just talked with him about ordering a uni anyways.

yea I was watching Koxx one video’s this morning, they are so amazingly good, huge jumps, the weird thing is, street, used to be trials, if you watch the old Koxx video’s trails was known as street, but they are really amazing at trails, then with loic and xav flat/street, and arthur caron doing flips the teams amazing.

how much is the DVD?

did it have all the white flashness like they did in the youtube vid?

Only on some parts, and it didn’t block out the shot. There were some parts where the edges flashed white to follow the beat, but that was only on the bails part I think.

It’s $35 from trialsin. Tom said that’s with next to nothing profit, the shipping and exchange rates were just extremely high. That’s the only U.S. place I’ve seen it.

that anoys me aswell

No, the way it was done in the actual movie isn’t annoying. It doesn’t interrupt any tricks or anything like that. It’s barely noticable. I think the appetizer was done like that to make you want to see the movie.

Oops, just read my previous post, when I said Tom from trialsin I meant Tim. Hit the wrong key.

Heh, WHAT!? Could you start proof reading your posts? Lots of them are realllly hard to understand.

Back to topic, I really want to see this vid but right now it seems kinda pricey… Are there any other places selling it?

Not in the U.S. :frowning: But Tim will give you the best deal possible.

I’ve only seen it once right throuh, and I wasn’t hugely impressed. Mainly because you have to mess around going through all the special features and watch atleast half a dozen different sections to see all the good riding. Why they didn’t make one good unicycling film and move all the extra stuff in the film in to the special bonus features I don’t know, I mean isn’t that what a bonus section is for?

I have it and I thought it was ok, but nothing super amazing. It didn’t have anything groundbreaking. It was a fun watch but I think Evolution will be better if and when it comes out.

I also got Inner Balance at about the same time. I think in comparison to Inner Balance it definatly has better trials and street riding but it lacks the originality of IB or Defect. I still think Defect is a much better video, as you can’t get quality like Defect anywhere other than in the DVD but with the K1 video it was still very similar to their online videos.

I think the same than nptappin. I was glad that I didnt bought it when I watched it at Felix Dietzes home. It is ok to watch but not worth the money especialy because the Koxx-one Video Marathon had better riding and was for free.