Koxx-ones new protection?

Well I recently placed an order with Renegadejuggling.com, and like usual Tom always throws in some stickers or whatever he has from Yoggi…Well I ordered some light cranks, saddle…etc…And he gave me a lil baggy full of stickers and assorted lil koxx goodies…There were 3 items in there that bugged me, then made me giggle a lil bit :roll_eyes: . Well there were 3 items that I didn’t reconize at first, and my friend stole one lol…

Yeah…I guess they dont want to many new junior riders on there team… :smiley:

Ohh and here are some of the other stickers he sent me…

yeah they’re old :smiley:

Lol I havn’t really been ridin or on this site much lately…hence why I had to order parts :smiley:

I should call in just to get some of those little goodies. :stuck_out_tongue:

OH, now I know what they where giving away at FLUCK.
To bad I never got one, would look great besides my Koxx One Fluck teamshirt :smiley:

Peter M

Haha, yeah, Xavier gave me one of them. It is now proudly sitting on my desk. :smiley:

Wow, that’s pretty manly if I do say so myself… I just ordered a 26" track monster from renegade. I must admit, I was wondering if I made a mistake ordering a unicycle from a place I had no real knowledge of. Obviously I have nothing to worry about because from what you just posted, renegade is pushing manliness the likes of Chuck Norris with the unicycles they sell.

Renegadejuggling is a great place, so don’t worry.

Renegade is located in Santa Cruz, CA, and will be at this years Cal Muni Weekend, showing off some of the new Koxx One cycles.


what is it? :thinking: me playing dumb haha

Its a koxx cover.

They gave them out free at unicon, little kids weer scrabbling all over for them.

haha thats awesome!!

this is one of the reasons i dislike koxx.

They want you to practice safe sex so you hate them?

nah, never said that, but they are quite rowdy and unprofessional(based upon what i have seen). i like the way KH presents himself to the unicycling community.

I see. I think the rock. Go koxx. Never though I would say that prononciation wise, haha.

well you can do what you want, like ride your koxx all day. actually… i wouldn’t mind riding a koxx unicycle for a day.

its awesome because have u ever seen a condom package that looks so sick with a unicycle on it!!! and because thats just awesome anyways!!

Im trying to go to the site, but it is down. Sucketh.

Seems a little small