Koxx one ?

Where can i buy Koxx One ? It look like they dont sell them anymore?
I have not cycle since 09, and i remeber they sold alot of them then


R.I.P. Koxx-one. They have gone out of business.

http://hippounicycles.com has some of the more recent K1 parts, but they are based in New Zealand, so shipping is a problem if you don’t live near there.

Mad4one, Impact, and Kris Holm, and Nimbus all make nice unicycles. Search for them.

Just ordered a few parts from the. Fast shipment. Will be ordering more from them soon!

Today I was reading one of the two co-owners would start another brand (anounced just before the end of Koxx).
I doubt it would be unicycle related, and guess only bike-trail stuff.

Regardless, does anyone know the name of this new brand?

new trials bike brand

i believe the brand the previous owner is setting up is called


Oh? I’m not a marketing expert, but I doubt that would be a very distinct and useful keyword.
Anyway, thanks for letting me know.

Would make it difficult to find them via search engines. Not a great choice of company name!

Hashtagg with two "g"s: http://hashta.gg/trialworld/

An obvious line of reasoning might be that if he was a marketing genius, Koxx One would still be around.

Looks like it’s two-wheelers only.