Koxx one.

I live in Canada and I really like the look of the koxx one and it from what I hear its pretty strong but I cant find anywhere that carries it in Canada, is there anyplace that sells them here? if not than I guess its the nimbus trials? is the nimbus better than the koxx? should I just save the trouble and go with the nimbus?

If you really want a koxx one, there are a couple stores in the US who sell them, like this one http://renegadejuggling.com/

omgawd! lolol walmart has them now!?!? pretty good prices too!

Go Kris Holm. Easy to get and its a really really good unicycle (IMO) ! :smiley:


They don’t ship to Canada.

Walmart, I mean… not municycle.ca. They ship to Canada no problem!

Even sears has 'em!

After lots of work we finally have a deal with koxx one - On Friday I got the last shipment of the Track monster, White russian 24" and alien back flip cycles.

I will finish photographing them and put them on the site tomarrow.

I will be in Taiwan in 2 wks and arrange a shipment of there new stock - but that allways takes time.


Wow, does that mean that Tryall rims and 32 K1 hubs and Tryall tires will soon be available at UDC Canada? That would be awesome. Next step: Impact and Monty Eagle Claws.:wink: