hi im new btw so i dunno if this is the right section but here i go
i want to buy some parts from koxx-one but there in euros even when i selct english is there a english site or somin where its in pounds?

Use an online converter to convert the price.

will that mean ill buy it from england or france?

if you live in canada or the us you can buy via http://www.div8.ca . if you send them an email they can give you a price list as well

thnx but i liive in united kingdom lol

You can buy from http://www.k-124house.com/choice

thnx for looking it up for me so this one sends it from england and i just have to convert the euros to find out how many pounds it is?

unicycle.com has a limited range of K1 gear.

yer but im making custom one so…

you’re screwed?

The link I gave will take you to a page where you select your country.
If it doesnt display your currency then use a convertor,
You can buy parts off that site.


I bought my try-all rim from k-124 and it came
pretty quickly so I think it probly come from a store in the UK.

N where in the UK are you?
and are you going to BUC?


also have some stuff

ty that sites good but i decided im going to get one of those flight green ones or whatever but they dont sell em!!! :angry: btw i live in west london

Apparently, the new unicycle Australia will be selling K1 unicycles and gear. Can’t wait to see that. :astonished:

K1-24 should be able to do it for you - they’re linked directly to Koxx so are probably your best bet. They probably don’t have them as a standard item - phone them and practice your French!

As you’re in West London you should give hockey with the Lunis a go too (at the Westway sports centre, thursdays 7:30 to 9;00 - I’ll probably bring my White Russian this week…

yep ive seen the thread its got allot of poeple excited

kl but ill w8 till im a bit better than i will thrash u all haha:D

just a question that might fuel some correctness here -

is it euro? Or is it GBP? since i know euro is like 1.3-1.5 times more than our dollar, but the GBP is 1.9 or 2 times more.

i didnt decide to read over all page and 1/8 of this thread, so disregard the question if its been answered.

The euro and the pound are two different currencies!