Koxx-One XTP

Does anyone actually own one? I can’t find a single decent video or picture of one in the wild on the .net.

lots of people have them. however, most of them are on the koxx team.

look at their videos

there’s a couple street spirited trials videos out there with a guy that has an xtp. they’re just pretty uncommon because of their price and because of this crazy guy called kris holm.

The only affordable way to get one is to have it given to you to you. :roll_eyes:

And if I was, I would sell it and buy a KH. lol.

Hahahhahahah +1

You can find a picture and videos of Koxx-One team riding XTPs on Koxx-One website.

And here, you can see a roadtrip to “La réunion”, where Tiffouille is riding a fluo green XTP with a black frame.

my friend has one.
i dont ride much trials, but if you are, i think the xtp is great.

I have tested a lot of time the XTP, and I agree with you, this uni is very adapted for the trial.

Actually, the frame doesn’t hurt, and its weight is a huge advantage for trial unicycling.

Moreover, I think this uni is very robust; when you see the use the Koxx-One team have of it, you are sure of its solidity!

In my opinion, it is a very good uni, but too expensive for me (for the moment).

When you see the Koxx team with XTP you can be sure they have been given them to ride not bought it themselves and are told to keep very quiet when the frames break.


No, they have reductions, but they do buy their uni themselves…

And, sure, they won’t talk about what they break, but I have seen them unicycling a lot of time, and, they don’t break a lot of unicycle parts.

if i had enough money, and if i rode trials, i would have bought the XTP for sure.