Koxx-one WTF?

As many of you may know my Koxx one cranks are kaput, dead, finit, rideable on a good day.

I contacted renegade juggling and it turns out they are dead because renegade forgot to send me washers. Anyways they said they would replace them as they messed up, this made me very happy and I’m glad I bought my hub and cranks through them because they give me such great service.

One problem though is that Koxx is sold out everywhere! Koxx doesn’t even have any parts in France that they can ship out to renegade and other suppliers.

Does anyone know when this drought of Koxx parts will end?! (yes yes I know people may say check the Koxx-one website but whenever I try and open it, in even in different browsers, I get time out errors).

talk to yoggi, as far as i cant tell koxx-one has some rather bad distribution problems when they have the stock

They are sold out everywhere, Roger from UDC UK said that he had no idea when they would come in because none were coming out of production. I dont think Yoggi knows because Roger would have talked to him.


perhaps they’re having this problems due to the excitement of the new koxx cranks coming out?

then again, i’m just

hello my name is kapoute… not kaput…