Koxx-One WHITE DEVIL or KH20 08?

high i have a question i really like the way the Koxx-One WHITE DEVIL looks but how does it hold up for trials? would anyone no because im going to be geting a uni soon and i was wondering if i should get a koxx or a kh20 which one would be better for hard trails? and how light is it?

thank you in advance

First off, if you are wanting to ride any sort of serious trail you are going to need a 24", like the kh24 (or the k1 24").

second, weight really doesn’t matter too much for riding mountain trails, unless you are riding long XC with lots of uphill that you plan on riding. if you aren’t shuttling a trail and have to hike up you’ll probably end up hiking anyway, and if you are shuttling you are just riding DH so it doesn’t really matter either.

I prefer the KH24 to the K1 mountain unis because Kris’ unicycles have a lot of great features that other unicycles don’t yet. The main advantages that I think the KH24s have is the Freeride seat (really comfortable), the adjustable post (it’s light because there is no rail adapter and works wonderfully), the very light aluminum frame (stiff and strong), and then the wheel is great too.

The main thing that i don’t like about the K1 mountain unicycles is that the crown tends to hit your knees and that it is prone to having issues with the bearing holders, as well as with the crank / hub interface.

if you are talking about trials instead of trails that is a whole different story though…


or is the koxx-one XTP trials uni good?

EDIT: p.s. i just did a 5ft drop my first :slight_smile: im so happy lol sorry back to my questions just wanted to tell someone

oh and thank you very much but i meant urban and natural trials :D:D:D:D

haha, in that case!

all of the high end trials unicycles are great. My personal favorite is the KH20 just because I like the cranks and the frame a lot (the longneck frame is great). The K1 XTP is great too (although expensive) and so are the devils (although they too are prone to having some frame issues).


ok thank you very much so the k1 XTP is good :slight_smile: would you happen to know any of its pros and cons? compared to the KH20 because i have heard alot of good things about the KH20 but i haven’t heard much good about K1 at all lol but almost everyone in Europe rides one its a little confusing lol i mainly like k1 because it looks a lot cooler then the KH20 i don’t like how there all blue and i heard that you can get powder coast from bedford but im a little worried on how the hole thing works with them they don’t have a website so i call them and tell them what i want and that i would like it a different color? because that sounds simple enough but have they ever gotten something wrong like a fast food place lol ? that’s my main concern so if you could tell me just how that works it would be so great thank you very much :slight_smile:

Not many people in europe have the XTP but many of the top riders are sponsored by koxx and use the xtp.

I prefer the KH because sometimes I just want to do some gliding or coasting and that sucks with a round frame. The XTP frame is also slightly heavier and much more expensive. I also rather give my money to a unicycle brand which cares more about unicyclists (varanty, sponsoring…) and the enviroment (1% for the planet).

yes, For that I would also go KH. The XTP is pretty expensive, heavier and the frame is trials only, so if you ever want to tricks on the frame KH is the choice.

Also, I don’t think Koxx uses proper isis yet so you can only Koxx cranks. KH does meaning you can use a much wider variety of cranks.
I’d suggest the KH20!

I would definately buy a KH 08 over a Koxx-One Devil.

ok then its settled im going to go for a KH20 08 thank you all for the help i just wanted to make sure becuase they just look really cool and i care more about performance then looks tho and i understand the frame thing that is a good point thank you when i get it ill tell you guys how i like it :smiley:

actually, i have to argue that the XTP is lighter i think.

for all i know, the entire xtp uni is lighter than a kh 08. sooooo… yeah.

For all you know, you aren’t saying much.

The XTP uni is only 50g lighter than a KH 08.

Take a piss before you ride and you’ll have the same experience.

50grams does make difference, but if you put magnesium pedals on a KH, it’ll be probably lighter than the XTP. You can also put a single bolt clamp and Carbon Fiber base, and you would have a lighter uni. And finally, you have the KH Titanium Hub. It’s expensive, but in the future you can upgrade the uni and have a really light uni :wink:

For trials:
Magnesium pedals
Change the Moments to Tensiles
Singlebolt seatclamp (if you get the one Danni has, you’ll save 60g)

Will save you about 400-500g depending on the pedals you had on it before.

KH Titanium hub if you have the money.

You could make any uni much lighter with a drilled rim, Tensiles, magnesium pedals, single-bolt clamp, CF base, and a Ti hub. I’m not a weight weenie, though. That’s why I have a Nimbus 20". And I do love it.

I always prefer Koxx of Kris Holms. However they are both good unicycles and cannot go wrong with either.

pff, Sam’s cranks are still going strong.

Really? All he does is ride flat and street though right? Not much stress it would seem. Trials is alot harder on cranks than flat.

Street can put some stress on cranks as well. Though I would think trials would put more stress on it.