Koxx-One Wheelset on the way!

I just ordered a K1 wheelset from renegadejuggling.com I can’t wait, my rim has been crapped out for a while now. I have the DX32 that came on my Torker DX. But I now have a different frame. Here’s my specs:

-Gold drilled rim

-125mm trials cranks

-Reinforced Hub

I can’t wait to ride it.

what frame are you running it with?

It’s a Nimbus II.


i love it when people answer questions about other peoples stuff. it is also fun to do

Haha. He’s one of my good buddies. We rode this afternoon in fact with Ryan Henning and Kelly Hickman. Good, but HOT ride.

Coo Coo Kachoo, hot indeed. It was fun though, I only stayed for about 30 more minutes after you guys left…

I don’t think your old wheelset was in too bad of condition, it was just noisy :wink:


Yeah, I was just afraid one more decent drop and it would nail the frame.

I decided for the new one when I got my rim trued one morning and it was bent again that night.