koxx one vs. KH

alright people, im finally gonna break down and get a new unicycle thats gonna last me for a while, im torn between the 2007 KH 20"
and the koxx one white widow.(sorry the links for the koxx one didn’t work, but u can find them at www.koxx-one.com)
i’d be using the new uni for mainly trials and street and i just want to know what you all think would be the best unicycle for the money and why? please include a weight of the koxx one if u have it. thanks a lot for the help


They’re both very good unicycles, the Kris Holm is lighter and the ISIS hub is compatible with all the ISIS unicycle cranks available, the SNAFU pedals are crap but pedals are cheap so you’ll just have to buy another set. The Koxx is also a very good unicycle but overpriced.

Weight of the K1 White Widow is around 5.700KG

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well thanks for the help? but i’ve decided to go for the kh 20 just based on price and the reviews of so many people, plus on shipping. but i do have one more question, how much am i going to notice going from 125 cranks to 137, i know the longer cranks give more control for trials but i also do stree, are they going to work for both or should i just get the 125’s?

get 137s I think.

I use 140s for street, trials, and muni.

I can clear 8 sets with 140s, so I guess thats enough speed, and I love the extra control for trials.

Or small enough a set.

There are probebly milions of words on unicyclist.com:wink:

Wait how do you get the Kh as cheaper…Its $447 , the Koxx-one Devil is $395, and the Koxx-one white widow is $421…The Kris Holms are slightly lighter, .05 kg to br precise. Ive ridin them both back to back and could hardly tell any diference in weight at all. But I do know that I can go through KH seat posts a dime a dozen, and Koxx-one reinforces theres, and now have the Pitfire seat post. in general the Kris Holm is a more nockoff version of the Koxx one Devil edition. They are both great unicycles, almost identicle in strength as far as I can tell, I choose ride Koxx-one because there strength has been proven by Yoggis drops of hell! Ive done plenty of drops over 8ft on my blue berry and never fazed the cranks, even though the Jimmy C Odysees were bent, the cranks were as straight as the day they were born from yoggis womb of unicycles. I think the Kh still has a slight Taper in the cranks, the K1 is perfectly striaght with no nubs or tapers. So from what I have seen koxx one is stronger, but KH is lighter by .05 kg, and the white widow you have in mind is cheaper by $26…you can ge thte Widow along with all the devil line at renegadejuggling.com

When have you ever seen an 07 Kh have any damage done to it? I have heard stories about bent koxx cranks and I know the rims aren’t very strong after seeing yours from a failed 4’ drop at cmw.

How is the Kh a “knock off” of the Devil? Because it uses ISIS hub and cranks? that is an international standard and not just a koxx thing that kh is copying. Are you thinking about the drilled rim? Those are really common on trials bikes.
You could say that the koxx seats are a knock off of kh because KH used the velo seats first.

So if koxx and kh are just both now using stuff that has been around for a long time with biketrials I don’t really see how you can say that one is copying the other.

The 4 ft drop was that bent the allready bent rim was the second time doing this drop. http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b151/unicaw89/Video/?action=view&current=Default.flv

And it was allready damaged from doign a 360 down a 4-5 set ( dont really remeber) on a rim with all loose and untrued spokes (I could grab them and pull them together with ease, I never checked em lol) and the drop bent a poor trueing job done by my lbs. The rim has been holding up now after I did my ghetto hammer true and kept the spokes tight, the rim that has been bent twice is holding now 8ft drops again and staying the same. So thats pretty good in my book. As for the nockof statement, from what I have seen in the develpment of Kh is that the street saddle was being used first by koxx, koxx was first using the drilled rim, and koxx was first using the isis drive in unicycles.

You havent done a 8ft drop on your blue berry. Plus it should be the ammount of side loading force that would determine a rims strength, not straight down.

Wow I didnt know you lived in Phelan Evan. lol dude I ride without you guys sometimes you know :wink:

I know you didnt do one because every time you do something like that you text me and spencer at 4:30 in the morning that you did so and so uni move and beat nightfire.

Lol only when its somethin new, not a simple 8 ft drop, out riding with friends…

Edit: Ohh but the nightfire one was becuase you guys sucked so hardcore at it when i was at Whippies house!

I owned you at nightfire at whip’s house.

i cleared a HUGE 9 set w/ 10 feet of run up and 140s

Im saying miles does very small stuff.