Koxx One Videos Marathon

Hi everyone !

The two firsts koxx one videos :

Flat : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mcfbvN9SR8

Trial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW4SG29jVN0

Damn if that flat vid doesnt sell Koxx unicycles I dont know what will.

Cool trials but too many pallets.

Those videso were AWESOME X999999999999999999999999999999999

I expecially loved the flat vid, becuas that is what I do.

I really liked the flat video

Was that a 720 unispin in the trials vid? it was huge

the second vid caught my eye because of the music. I loved it. And when i found out it was LIVE music, the WOW! that was GREAT.

yes , the 720 in the trial vid is by mathieu huet .
in the flat vid , it’s a fifht flip at the begining

I REALLY liked the flat-land one:)

They were both abosolutly amazing. that flat video, what can i say. insane. shoulda slowed that triple. awesome.
i loved that whole video.

now to the trials video. nice 720 mathieu. some of those jumps were huge.
i want some of those pogo stilts.

awesome videos. thanks for posting them.

Yes, really great stuff !!!
For those wich some trouble, we also offer the marathon on utv with a little delay time in wmv, mov and flash. PArtz one and two are online and part three will come tonight.
Yoggi do the videos day by day so he has to do the marathon, not we :smiley:

I do want too, but I think it is very expensive…I don’t know the exact price but I think it costs the same price as a k1 devil…and I would prefer the devil for that price…

wow. thats heaps. i think i’d prefer the devil too

I liked the trials one better although the flat was pretty good to, im thinking of powder coating my whole uni that green I think it looks so nice.

I agree with you; moreover, it is very nice for vids. Actually, with that fluo green, the unicycle is very visible and the contrasts are better, which make very beautiful pictures.

Third day, third vid!

A video made par tribalzone to present the Koxx-Days.

You can see bike dirt and trial, uni trial, and interviews of Yoggi, Vincent Hermance etc.

Here is the download link :

You can download it here in huge quality (350Mo) :


youtube link?

Here is part 3 on utv:


And last one, part 4 on utv:


part 4 is a masterpiece! Great job. I really enjoyed all thhose vids.

I agree with you, part 4 is very beautifull, and if you like natural trial, it is very nice to watch!