Koxx-One video marathon

Three weeks ago I landed the double seatwrap crankroll on video. I was hoping the to be the first to show everyone, but finals and work are kind of putting me on hold.

isn’t xav , it’s arthur who land this :smiley:

That was fantastic. I loved it.

He shouldn’t use the same uni, it’s confusing. :roll_eyes:

Haha, sorry for the mixup.

Everyday, the vids will be available on http://www.unicycle.tv/ if you prefer…

Second day, second vid!!

A trial one, this time…

This is a video made by Yoggi at “Boudu la Jongle”, a juggling and uni week-end in Toulouse.

You will see Math, Tiffouille and Gaby in this vid.



ahhhhhhhhhh I’ve installed quicktime and the movie still won’t play. What’s going on? I’m dying to see these movies.

Very nice second video. Nice 720unispin…how high was that pedal grab?


that’s the links for the two first Videos :

Flat : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mcfbvN9SR8

Trial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW4SG29jVN0

Nice video, really impressive riding.

I’ve never seen those stilts/pogo-stick things before and have gotta say that those are incredible. The people going around on those look like some strange cartoonish figures…absoultely crazy. I’d hate to see someone bite it really hard jumping around on those. Looks dangerous as hell.


It was a 1m15pedal grab, almost 4 feet if you prefer…

Third day, third vid!

A video made par tribalzone to present the Koxx-Days.

You can see bike dirt and trial, uni trial, and interviews of Yoggi, Vincent Hermance etc.

Here is the download link :

You can download it here in huge quality (350Mo) :


Yop yop everybody!

The last video is online, a nice trip to La Réunion, near Mayotte, with Yoggi, Tiffouille and Matt Huet, by Koxx One Production


Here is the download link

I liked the first one the best.

Im usually not a fan of watching natural trials, but the fourth video was really good.

That fourth video was really cool.