Koxx-One video marathon

Hi everybody,

Today is beginning the Koxx-One video marathon!

Each day, will be added a new vid: 4 days, 4 vids!

The first one has just been added on www.koxx-one.com.



PS: Sorry for my English…

Ok, let’s go!

First vid released, “Flat Team” by Arthur Caron, with Xavier Collos, Arthur Caron, Loïc Baud and Mat’ Belot, all the Koxx One Flat Team!


Jc || Koxx One

The trippe was awsome.

The Video loads very slow, would be nice to see it on unicycle.tv also.
I think it is a little bit stupid to release so many freeware Videos after the Koxx One DVD, I dont would buy it now :).

Don’t worry, those videos don’t come from the DVD, they are other vids. For exemple, the first vid has been made by Arthur Caron, in order to inaugurate the new Koxx-One Flat Team.

You still can buy the DVD!! :smiley:

Edit : The video will be on unicycle.tv as soon as possible

Wow, this sounds very cool!

Right click, Save as…

Oh no, Xavier landed something before I had a chance to post my video. That’s annoying.

nice video, its a big change from normal street vids :smiley: very enjoyable

Of course, it isn’t a street video but a flat vid ^^

so, is there going to be a flat, street, trials, and freestyle vid then?

It wasn’t entirely flatland… teyflip down a five stair, hadn rail grind… and some trials?

Triple flip a stair set, spins to crown tricks, nice crankrolls,…
Just :astonished: :sunglasses:
Flatland is cool, but street is to.
Why not combine rails, stairs and flat like they did a litlle in this movie.
It turned out realy nicely.
Can’t waith untill tomorrow.

Peter M

That was so awesome, I need to practice more:o
Mat’s trick at 0:55 was insane. Why is Loic riding a kh seat in some of it?

haha ,loic is a seat breaker and he uses his old seat when he breaks one, we need to find CF seat post

a carbon fiber post would break really easily.

the only thing that wouldnt break really easy would be a thomson, but that would need a rail adapter or a wallis direct connect.

why does my computer only play the audio?

Depends on how thick the carbon is. Any material will work if you use enough of it.

Can you guys post .mov files? QuickTime doesn’t like windows media player junk.

weird mine didnt play any audio

Its an AVI file not a windows media player file. You may not have a divx codec. Its a good thing to have so just google it.

What was that?