Koxx-one Unicon 15

Havn’t watched it yet! lol.

Awsome vid! The crankfip over the handrail at 2:20 was sweet!

oh snap, sick little vid.

was that one foot on purpose chris?!

I doubt it. It was just for balance purposes I guess, it looked like it at least. He was leaning alot…

Love every single clip in this video… Chris’s 17 set ral was so sick. Maxime’s line at :52 was cool. Loic’s flip over the handrail, flat combo at 3:07, and kickflip-backroll combo were all so sick. His .5 flip-1.5 switch overflip was just weird though :stuck_out_tongue:
Editing was okay and the music was good.

I’d say ½ rev 1.5flip but it was weird indeed.

Forgot to say that Loic’s fullvarialdoubleflip was nice. I don’t see him as a usual outflipper, and it was pretty clean too. Is he the 6th person to do this?

WHAAAAAAT THEEEEEEEE HEEEELLLLLL?! i thought this video wouldnt come out for ages, or at least not til euc winter.

man too much stuff to mention. dans 14 set wooden handrail which “slid like a babies bottom” XD. max’s fakie 180 rail gap was insane! but best part in the video (and probably best thing i eva witnessed in person) was chris’s 1 footed 17 set grind. absolutely awsome!! hugged him good :stuck_out_tongue:

awsome video!!

Epic vid! :astonished:

MAD AS! Great riding, filming and editing.

cant stop watching it. FANTASTIQUE!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Chris didn’t do it on purpose.He almost fell over and stuck his leg out.Then further down the set he said he realised he could put his foot back on and land it lol.It was so epic,3/4 rev run up xD

Wow, incredible video! Very impressive stuff!

awesome video :astonished: i like all these street stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Maxims rail 180° was realy awsome.

My favourite parts were Chris’s 17set handrail, and Maxime’s fakie 180

Sweet as.
Maxime’s riding is so sick.

amazing video
i think loic wanted to to rev to flip and rev to 180 flip but in slow mo you see that the rev isn’t that clean

crankflip over the rail :astonished:

crazy video…was so great to be there and see some of it filmed :slight_smile: