Koxx One trip :Europeen Championship 2005

Here’s a new Koxx One movie:


this is a good vid, i love the 540 unispin on the small wheel!


actually, it’s just a 360. but yeah, it’s nice:)

i love that tiny uni =p where can i get one of those? they look fun =p

men xavier and yogi are funny

is that kris holm in the trials show? and who did xav beat in the high jump?

Its kris, and xav beat kris.


Yeah but who got 2nd place in that high jump comp? At a guess I’d say its the same guy who does the hand wheel walk along the bridge but I duno, he must be pretty good to beat Kris…

Anyone know what Xavs personal best is for high jump?

The hand ww guy is Kristian from Denmark,the 2nd in the high jump contest is freddy from switzerland

…and Kris Holm, Freddy and Kris did the same height (91cm)

Xavier did 98 cm, I don’t know what his personal record is

xavier has a vid of him rolling hop 1m…

Does anyone happen to know, what the name of the song “…and nothing else matters…” is. I know there’s a list of the bands in the credits, but it isn’t helping right now.


Metallica - Nothing else matters

I’ve never heard about Freddy from switzerland before…
Is he famous? And why gave they Kris the third-place trophy when he and “Freddy from switzerland” jumped the same height?

Denmark 2005

I can’t help in that question but I just want to let you know that we put the video also to http://www.unicycle.tv
In the Event area you could also find two more videos from the Fluck in Denmark 2005. You will also find Yoggi and Xavier and Kris inside this Videos from Niels

its probably like accual high jump… and it has to dowith who had the most scratches earleir on


Tell me which unicyclist except Kris Holm is ‘famous’?
Freddy is very good at trials stuff, but I think he doesn’t give much on reputation. Doesn’t seem to read the English nor the German Forum. He usually shows up with Iten (also from Switzerland) wearing crazy hats.


Ryan, Shaun, Yoggi, Xavier, Zack, Julien Monney, are somewhat famous to those who are into unicycling.

Great vid Yoggi, It goes straight into my selection. I’m glad to finally see what happens when a rider falls off a bridge ledge :wink:

This unicyclists are famous in the trial and MUni scene (you miss Dan I think he is the rider who is known too by many people), but if you ask at a hockey tournament or at a freestyle cup, the unicyclist there only now Kris.