Koxx One Trials

$300 including shipping is my new offer.

Does anyone know what this unicycle is like for street?

Good, can put koxx street cranks on it, which a lot of the best street riders use.

I used to ride something very similar, slap some K1 135mm cranks on and you my friend have a high quality street unicycle.

Also I’m possibly considering a trade for a 26" MUni.

Definatelty put some K1 Streets on it.125’s are just to short IMO.

hey would u be willing to let it go for $250?


wat is the cheapest u would sell it for cause i would be willing to buy it for under 300 most likley

ill answer for you ergo $299.99

Plus shipping :roll_eyes:

did you mean you’ll pay shipping by this?

if so, i’ll take it for 300.


is the uni sold or not, also how much would it be to ship to Colorado?

im iterested to come get it a louisville for 250 !
is it near saint-paulint ?


is it still on sale how manny does it cost in euros

Is this uni ISIS??

and is it sold??

I am pretty sure it is sold. But I’m 100% it’s ISIS, might not be the real ISIS though…