Koxx One Trials

Selling my K1

125mm cranks
Koxx devil frame
KH seat post
KH saddle
K1 gold double bolt clamp
Try-all tire
K1 re-enforced hub
K1 re-enforced rim
grip tape pedals (not shown in the pic)

Asking $300 + shipping.

shipping cost

how much to ship to washington state

tell me if im wrong but it looks like the wheel is laced wrong in the top right corner of the wheel?

that does look weird

Spokes just do that. It has been talked of before.

Killer deal! All nice and new, if anybody was wanting a first uni get this. Solid ride.

Correct, people have thought that many many times. Its just the angle in the photo. Cool uni.

so whats the standing?

im want to neggotiate my offer a bit more if you like…

unless you got something else going on

how much would it be to ship it to Oshawa Ontario Canada?

Because if i can somehow crack out a way to gte you the money ill give you 400 plus half the shipping.


Even at 400$ it is an alright deal. Freshly painted, all nice and new. A nimbus with kh cranks is 330$. At 300$, being brand new and better than a nimbus this is a steal.

Don’t scare people off of somebodies sell if you don’t know your facts. Maybe you should stay out the sale forum until you know you components and prices.

Basic Devil price, 400$, off of renegade juggling.

Some buying tips for UniB

I am guessing you are offering $400 is $400 CAD since you are from Ontario and the seller is only asking for $300. If you are making an offer in CAD you need to specify that when it is an international sale, especially when buying form the states.

The other thing is generally the buyer converts their money into the sellers currency not the other way around. If you were selling something would you want offers in multiple currencies that you would later have to convert to your own? Not only is it confusing to the seller it is added hassle.

$300 USD/$400 CAD might be a bit high for this unicycle and you will get hit hard by import taxes and brokerage fees. Save yourself the trouble and buy from Canada.

You could get a sweet new limited edition KH/Nimbus for under $400 shipped from municycle.ca…

OKay well i figured im not going to be getting as much as i thought so im willing to pay about $289canadian which is around probably if im converting right, around 250 american. Hopefully that is enough.

im willin to negotiate my price though (sorry for my spellin, its bin a loooonnnnnnggggg day)

that is really a nice uni!! :astonished: :slight_smile:

Here’s the deal, I have almost $400 invested into this unicycle. This is a great deal!, I am taking a loss on it. I am offering it for $300 + shipping, let me know if you interested.

how much is shi[ping to canada, im willing to do 300 can but not sure about 300 american because of exchange last time i checked but im willin to negotiat

There really wasn’t a point to posting that in this thread. You can solve your ordeal via private messages.

Lol… I have held back so many times from staying bad stuff about you that shows that you don’t know shit. If you want I look back and go find everything so you can get humiliated.

So sorry Ergolicious to post the above…
I will ask my friend who needs a (trials/street) unicycle if he is interested.

SIGH kinda funny how even on a trading post people still get into tuffs :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes: very very nice uni BTW so would get if i had the money or any spare money for the matter would be nice lol :smiley:

unfortunately unicycles on a forum age like a car…

my most recent offer still stands…