Koxx-One Track Monster 26"?

I’ve been looking for a 26" MUni for a while now. The Koxx is about twice what I was going to spend ( $549); is it better to just spend the cash, or upgrade components as I go along? Has anyone ridden or seen one of these? Is it totally bullet-proof or over-kill?..Any opinions?

You could just get a Nimbus 26" $219.00 and then if you want it to be splined you can get the new KH hub at $125 I’m sure UDC would put it together for you too. Alot cheaper than the track monster the only downside is that you wouldn’t get the brake adapters.

it has a drilled rim which if it gets dirt or water in it, it will be hard to get out

Yo could set your own up for way less $300 and less easily if you don’t use brakes.

i dunno about the $300 figure is you want to get splined. especially for a 26in.

The one I just posted would be about 350 but I don’t see why they couldn’t give you a deal if you didn’t want the cotterless hub.

At $219 the Nimbus 26" looks really attractive. I’ll check with UDC about upgrading the hub and cranks: great idea!

I appreciate the advice…

If you’re looking at 26" I assume you’re planning on riding longer, less extreme routes. If that’s the case, the UDC cotterless hubs are well up to the job. When I bought my Nimbus 26" I was thinking the same thing - I can always upgrade the hub if it breaks. But I’ve never had any trouble with it, not even a loose crank. I ride mostly cross-country rather than extreme muni, but I do a lot of miles and a lot of it is definitely on the rocky end of cross-country. I’m not into big drops (I wouldn’t usually ride off anything more than 18" or so) and I’m more of a roller than a hopper, so that obviously makes a difference, but I’m not that light (about 12 stone).
Unless you’re a big dropper I would suggest just riding the normal hub and see how you get on - if it gives problems swap it out for a KH. I doubt you’d save much, if anything, by getting UDC to swap the hub on a new unicycle because of the labour involved (unless they happen to have a 26" KH wheelset made up, which is unlikely).
The UDC CrMo cotterless hub is really very strong - just make sure the cranks are on tight to start with.


Ey up, Ive got one.

Theyre well nice, except the frames a bit wide, and rubs against ur legs really bad.I reckon u shud get a KH29 frame and put a 26" wheeel in, or jus get a nimbus. Any frame that isnt too wide is fine.


How wide is wide on the Nimbus frame? I’ve never rubbed the frame, just my shoes on the crank arms when I don’t get a good centered mount on my 20" learner, which my not be a valid comparison:

4 1/2" (114mm) from the outside to outside of the bearing holders
6" (152.5mm) from outside to outside of the crank arms
8" (200mm) from inside to inside of the pedal surfaces

How does the Nimbus measure up?

He’s talking about the edge of the crown rubbing the inside of your knees/thighs, the crown of the nimbus will be wider than your learner and because it’s a larger wheel the crown will be higher so your legs will be closer together at this point. If you post your height/weight people might be able to give you a rough idea (tall people with thin legs dont rub on frames). personally i rode a nimbus 24 II extra wide on my muni for years with no problems.

I’ve been riding a Nimbus 26" for about 9 months now and have had no problems with the hub and cranks but then I would describe my riding style in the same way as Rob Northcott did.
With the legs rubbing question I don’t have problems there either and I’m only 5’ 6" and have short legs for someone of my height, so if my little fat stumpies are OK almost anyone over the age of about 13 should also be able to manage.

OK, I’m 6,’ 195lbs, my current uni has a distance of 36" from the top of the seat to the pedal in the 6:00 position, this is a comfortable riding position for me.


[QUOTE=rob.northcott but I’m not that light (about 12 stone).

How many pounds is that?

It depends on how big the stones are.

google sais: 168

14lbs in a stone, so 168lbs


EDIT: Beaten to it… don’t you use stone in America then?

The only stones we have in relation to the body are ones that are passed quite painfully.

Thanks for the clarification. The only stones we have in relation to the body are ones that are passed quite painfully.

168lbs doesn’t seem too heavy to me. However, I would think that anyone 160+lbs who is going to do any kind of drops should get a good splined hub. The Nimbus 26" says it is rated for 10" drops with a 150lbs rider. That doesn’t seem like too much. I assume they are playing it on the safe side and it can actually do a little more. Still, why not buy something a bit beefier and not have to worry about it?

the track monster is pretty beastly, frame is a bit wide, but it’s a great buy to get a 26" muni without going custom. be sure to buy from trialsin.com because the one they sell includes a brake for the same price as renegade.