Koxx one supplier in the US

Santa Cruz, CA to be exact

i thought someone might like to see this: click
(scroll down the bottom to unicycles)

thanks dude i could never find one ucz i wanted to see how much they cost

Wow, renagade has 'em huh? Thats awsome!!!

The Devil is Only $395 too, that seems like a good price, I figured it would be more than that…


dude sweet. butis there any place that also sells clothing and other stuff like that? i wanted to get a shirt and maybe those trials shorts they wear

I had an issue with them. I bought the koxx hub and cranks and they shipped them without the bearings. Then I called and the guy said he was out and it could be awhile before I got them. And I was really looking forward to the hub. I would just buy them from uk unicycle.com and spend the same amount of money (the carriage cost + hub and cranks is less than hub and cranks and shipping in us) and not get frustrated. Overall this was extremely poor customer service and I wouldn’t reccomend them.

i still think the kh trials looks stronger, im not exactly sure, but it just doesnt LOOK as strong as the KH Trials, can anyone tell me what is better or worse about the Devil compared to the KH Trials ??? :slight_smile:

The Devil is on the same level as the KH Trials, I wouldn’t go as far as saying its better, but it’s ever so slightly heavier, has no crank q-factor and has different frame geometry. Its also considerably cheaper. You pays your money you takes your choice to be honest, they’ll both perform very similarly if placed in competition against each other.


I would say the Koxx Devil is more comparable with the Onza Trials, they weigh about the same - just under 6kg, similar frames. Both the Koxx and KH/Onza hubs have a good reputation. The Koxx is a bit more expensive but has a wider rim.
I would say the Kris Holm is in a different league as it has an Aluminum frame while the Onza and Koxx have standard frames.
Now we have some more Koxx unicycles in the USA we can see how they compare in practise.


Wow, the Isis Hub is the cheapest slined hub I’ve seen.

With the cranks though its more than the quax. But still for the quality it relaly is a great deal.