Koxx one Street rim

i couldn’t find a review on this rim surprisingly enough, and i promised a review on it, so here it is.

this rim is sick.
i broke a 1" thick tile in half while bottoming out the rim on it… not a mark on the rim. it feels rock solid, even when a few of my spokes are loose :astonished:
i trust this rim very much to keep working for a long time to come. i’ve already done things to it that far outweigh how i wrecked my KH rim.

i would say that the nimbus rim is almost as strong, but that it is too skinny for my liking

nuff said about that.
i’ll just say that i’ve ridden a double wall bmx rim, nimbus, KH, and this one… this one is the best by quite a bit.

now to rip on Koxx… get your crap together so that distributors in the US want to deal with you and can get your product in a 1/2 reasonable amount of time after ordering it.

lol that’s funny i did the same thing last week on it and it’s still perfectly true. Well true enough for trials lol. (for anyone that knows me and knows brendan true is different.)

i’ve gone through a kh07, kh05, koxx drilled and an onza the hog rim and this one still stands. But i haven’t had it for more than 3 months and only rode for two of those months because of my foot so i can’t say if it’ll last but it’s definately doing better than the previous ones and i’ve proabbly done bigger stuff on it.

One thing to say, this rim seems to be a tad too big so getting the tyre on and off is a real pain. What makes it worst is that my current white tryall tyre is smaller than my monty eagle claw so it makes it even more difficult to take off with this rim.

The problem with this rim is that it’s SO HEAVY. Not the best for tech street.

I think a BMX uni would fit your style more than a trials. Lighter, more flickable, but can take a drop (unlike a freestyle).


For jumping a 12 set or a truck I think a 2.5" tyre is very important. And he obviously needs a strong rim since he’s broken so many others. 20" rims aren’t actually much lighter than trials rims.

Pele, the street rim is 100g heavier than drilled rims. It’s not a lot, especially when using a light tube can save 100g and shaving a tyre can save 200-300g.

100g makes a lot of difference in flipping. I used to have a solid TA rim…

I need like a super good bmx wheel…

Then why not shave your trials tyre or get a 20x2.35 big apple? You could also get a strong BMX 20" rim that way.

i have to say since my only street is clearing sets (if that even counts as street) and the occasional seatdrop when i get bored, i couldn’t care less that my rim is 100g heavier. Well actually i do, but since at 100g less they all break…

Surely by shaving your tyre you would gain more than by getting a lighter rim (although you might have done that), and surely to gain more you would prefer a kh05 style non drilled but thinner rim. I’m guessing for stret the rim thickness is not too important and the kh05 is plenty thick allready.

My tire doesn’t need to be shaved, it has literally no tread left at all. Only on the sides.

Still, You can always lose more weight

i got it because i heard/figured it was the strongest, now i’m sure of it.
since when do i do any sort of flip trick?
yeah, i’ havn’t taken it over my truck or down a 12 set (to crete anyways) yet, but i’ve done some stuff to it that definitely put my KH out of true and put a good flatspot in it.

Everytime i see this it makes me happy.

This just made me laugh. Heheh

Shave the sides. It’s worth it IMO. I mean you don’t need the sides at all and having a round tyre is nice for a lot of stuff. But why don’t you get that big apple tyre?

Totally agree, I have been riding the street rim for a couple years now. Rock Solid and near impossible to break, But yes HEAVY! If you are lazy when it comes to fixing your wheels I highly recommend it though,.

in other words, if you ride HARD and you don’t want your rim to break (eventually)… there is no other option.