Koxx-One Street Cranks 4 Cheap

Anyone interested in some K1 Street cranks, they are fairly new, straight as an arrow, and will treat the owner well. I have no need for them plus they are an extra pair. They retail for 129 USD, i’d be willing to part with 45, you pay shipping. Let me know. First one with paypal, O.B.O. gets them. Ship out next day guarantee. Love you unicyclists.

-Kevin Kartchner

Do these fit the older koxx pseudo-isis hubs?

If its isis then yes these cranks will fit. You may need to buy the bigger allen bolt size though.


I’m pretty intrested but do you think they will fit on a KH wheel?
and they are 129mm right? For how many euro’s or dollar’s you want to sale them?

32 Euros and you pay shipping, i’m not sure how much shipping would be…

Wow, that’s cheap.:smiley:
But how manny mm are they? I thought 129 but is that right?
And do they fit on KH wheel?

they are 135mm and yes they fit on KH hubs.

Ok, thanks Kevin. I will talk about it with my parents.

Bring them to NAUCC and I’ll take them off your hands, these fill fit one of my club unicycle aswell :smiley:

Unless Casper reeeeeally wants them. If Casper buys them, sweet as. If he doesn’t buy them, I’ll take them off your hands at NAUCC.

Alright, sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Christian, i’ve got good news for you! You can buy them.:slight_smile:

Are you sure??? Are you unable to buy them??

No but, i’ve got new KH’s now. :roll_eyes:
Sorry for the late response btw…