Koxx-one sponsorship video

heres our entry

woah! sick :smiley:


wth…why doesnt this have more replies? this dood is one of the best evar.



I didn’t think it stood out that much. Good rider though :slight_smile:

Its a pretty good rider :slight_smile:
but I didn’t likes the vid a lot :stuck_out_tongue: bad music + editing was also not very good.

your hops are really good… but I thinks you don’t use them well in lines… :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t like the lines, because I saw a lot of thinks that you could do instead (to make it harder and I think more at your level :p)

like: 1:03 = why don’t you start from the round thing in the grass, pedalgrap up the wall thing and ride it?
Or the line @ 1:27, that is a pretty stupid line xD why don’t you pedalgrap / hop up to the wall, instead of just jumping down that thing…
or the line @ 2:52, try the other direction ^^

  • the lines were not really nice looking (not because of your style.)

but its always nice to see trial vids so its ok ^^ + the level was pretty good (exept for the things I already said xD)

Massive hops :D. I like it!

I accept your council :smiley:

hahah whatev! he’s 5cm static away from mike t.

and mike t is beastlyx1000

no no.my static hop record is 108 cm and 109 back jump :slight_smile:

The music is good!!:slight_smile:
Your crab is very sincerely. I try to mend the lines:)

Amazing :smiley:

Big hops,long video,i liked it.LOL at your crab is very sincerely and also back jump.I think you need to look up those words in your language

Oh actually yeah, good vid. I just saw one line and said to myself, if he goes to pedal I’m not going to watch the rest of this lol. But the rest of the vid was good.

do you guys not get that there two people in this video?

sweet video…

I know that my english isn’t very goodXD sorry:)

Amugy szerintem ez egy jó videó.Ha nem tetszik nem kötelező megnézni. Csinálj jobbat!!!

Nice video! Maybe don’t start out a sponsorship video with falls next time?