KOXX-ONE Signature Freestyle Gold 400mm

Brand new KOXX One Signature Freestyle Uni
Used as a sales demo for a couple weeks,
Never been ridden / In perfectly mint condition

400mm frame
Gold, 20" eyeletted double wall rim
Laced to the K1 Light hub and 90mm Cranks,
With Biscuit pedals / White Kenda Kikzumbut High Pressure tire / Gold Saddle / Gold Clamp / Silver Post

SRP : 500euro ($650USD / 765$CAN)
$550.00USD / 640$CAN

maybe if I was a freestyle rider

maybee if i wasnt a poor ignorant bastard.

how much for just the frame

(Drools) :astonished:
I wish I could afford that beastie

I can :slight_smile:

SRP on the Signature frame is $215.00USD / 250.00$CAN

thought i’d trough this in there but division 8 is great when i bought my white widow from them the sent extra little free-bees and it was a smooth and good transaction… thats a sexy unicycle… wonder if it’ll still be here when i get my t-4 back lol