KOXX-ONE seats

I was wondering if the KOXXs orange bud seat is comfortable?
And, if I can put the orange bud seat to the seat post of QU-AX 24" standard? Do the screws match?
Because I want a more stylish unicycle:p

koxx seats use the velo saddle base… so all normal seatposts fit (including rail type as long as you have a KH style adpater)

Any seatpost that doesnt say “myata” or “torker LX” will fit.

SO yes the seat will fit. Btw its not called the orange bud seat :stuck_out_tongue: orange bud is the name of the unicycle.

Also they are very very nice seats, good choice !

I know thats the name of the unicycle. But what else should I call it?:smiley:
OK, yes koxx seats 2006, but orange bud sounds better:p

And another thing…I have now a basic QU-AX seat. Which one is softer? the QU-AX or the KOXX one?

i’m not sure about softer, but i’ve riden on a qu-ax basic and they are rubbish, i’m not sure which is hardest though…

honestly there is no comparison though

and actually i was wrong the saddle is called “Orange Bud Saddle”

but honestly i’d get the Street leopard if i was you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not the leopard skin kind of guy:D

I was choosing between orange bud and white widow, but I chose the orange bud because it looks warmer :roll_eyes:

I need to buy it in december, cause there’s a 10% sale and buyers get to compete in the “raffle” for a free pogo stick:p
It’s a good thing that there aren’t many unicyclists in my country

lol nice :smiley: where can u buy unicycling stuff in slovenia?

yeah teh white widow looks cool, but i cant help thinkign about the leopard… how cool is it :D:D:D

Well, if you’re interested:

But, i think you won’t understand much:D

lol thx you are right, i can read french spanish and english but that doesnt help with those… i was just wondering… i mean u have 2 shops thats better than in the UK :smiley: not that i mind UDC UK is great. but it’d be cool to have everything from UDC UK and from municycle.de on one site based in the uk with cheap shipping :smiley:

wow the pedals are at 0 euros

Yap, everything is free:p
Those are very new shops. Just opened a few months ago. But before that, we didn’t have anything.

ah cool. Yeha i’vejust noticed its not only the pedals… funny the tryall pedals are at 30 euros though while all the otehrs are free. you must be dumb to buy tryall pedals!

Damn i have tryall pedals…

Well, i got a good grade today in school, so i’ll try to ask if i can get the seat:p
Wish me luck

lol good luck to you… not that you should need it in a “free” shop :P:D

OK, I ordered it without my parents permission. I’ll see how that goes

i would usually say thats abad idea… but good luck :smiley:

Mind u i order alot of stuff without my parents permission but they are used to it now… my mum alywas asks me wots in my packages… lately its been “christmas, you cant look”