Koxx-One Seat Post Clamp????????

K. The question is will the Koxx-One Seat post clamps fit on a KH 20-inch frame??? cause when i researched it, it said that kh seat post clamps were a different size then koxx one clamps so i dono…
thanks for the help!!

here are some pics below of what im talking about…

KH 20-inch frame

there’s the kh clamps- it says it is a 27.2 seat post clamp

there’s the koxx-one clamp- says it a 31.8 seat post clamp

hope this isn’t a stupid question i think ive seen koxx clamps on kh frames but i dono…

Yeah, it’ll work.

Yes, just to clarify, KH frames and K1 frames have a 27.2mm seat tube so their seat post clamps are both made to fit 27.2mm frames making them compatible!

edit: where does it say 31.8mm?

31.8 is the outside diameter of a seattube that fits 27.2 seatposts. UDC calls them 27.2 when they are actually called 31.8. If you are going to buy off ebay/bike stores, 31.8 is the way to go for KH and Koxx frames.

Koxx and KH seatclamps are pretty much the exact same thing except for the logo and color.

But aren’t koxx frames slightly larger on the OD, since they are shimmed to fit the 27.2 posts?

But they are steel which is thinner. Hmm, but what about koxx aluminium frames? Maybe koxx frames are slightly wider, but the clamps still work none the less.

The shim is on the inside of the frame.

Yes but even with the shim k1 unicycles take 27.2mm seatposts meaning the k1 frame + shim are the same width as just the KH frame with no shim.

K1 Clamps on KH

The Saddle Post Clamps are interchangeable. I used to have K1 clamps on my KH frames before KH cam out withthe double bolt clamps. keep in mind that Saddle post clamps are adjustable. They open and close.


alright thanks guys!!! sorry that was a noobish question!! where would you guys recomend for me to get a koxx one if i live in the U.S.??? i would mind paying the shipping from k-124.com or whatever it is if it wasn’t that bad but i can’t find it so yeah i’ve heard like renagade juggling, division 8, and trialsin but ya

Renegade Juggling = Best if in U.S.A

Division 8 = Best if in Canada

K 124 = Best if in Europe


haha which one is best out of division 8 and renegade juggling?

how much would shipping be from K 124 if I live in Utah, United States?

You should order from Renegade… He’s in Santa Cruz, CA. It will probably be the cheapest and fastest method.

Alot (like 50 bucks)

Since the question was solved and mine is a bit simmilar, thought i’d post here instead of creating more short threads.
I have the Qu-ax 20" Muni from UDC aus and was wondering if a Koxx devil frame AND SEATPOST CLAMP :wink: would fit on it?
The Qu-ax i have is not sold on UDC anymore and i can’t find its measurements and what not but the devil frame:
Size 20"
Material 4130 CrMo
Bearing clearance: 100mm
Seatpost: 27.2 with adaptor
Seat Clamp: 31.8mm


Well… that “upgrade” would be useless.

The devil and the quax frame are almost the same, its just the colour that could change.

If you want to upgrade a few parts to save weight:
Quax Magnesium Pedals (if you want metal and want light ones)
Quax Reinforced seatpost (if you have a steel one)

To answer your question: It would fit, if you get a shim for your seatpost.
Koxx = 27,2
Quax = 25,4

Thanks. I couldn’t find the Qu-ax frame weight but the devil frame weights 739 grams. I’m not sure how i’d get those quax parts in Australia.
Would a K-1 19" Light rim do any good to lightening the wheelset? It weighs 480gs.
Edit: Nvm, thats a 36 spoke rim. The Qu-ax hub is 48

if you want to make it lighter, get a kh frame. The koxx frame is a little lighter than the quax one but by something less than 100g. so not really worth it. Mag pedals would save you some weight,

but quax due to 48h is heavy. An aluminium post would save you some weight if you have a steel one as marco said.

what is the weight difference between the nimbus 2 frame and devil frame?

About 50-100g

You can safe the most weight with pedals and seatpost, after that, the cranks (the Quax CrMo are 100g lighter than the KH for example).