koxx one seat covers

I broke my koxx one seat base today and am going to buy a carbon fiber one, the only problem is my seat cover is stapled. th best solution i would imagine is getting a new k1 seat cover. does any one know where to buy one? or another solution maybe?

Take something strong and kinda thin (I used needle nose pliers) and lever all of the staples out of the cover/seatbase. Then replace your base or whatever, and then poke holes in your cover a little ways from the bottom, but don’t put holes where your handle and bumper will be. Then you can thread a shoelace in through the holes and you’re all set. A lot of people do this, and I think it’s nearly impossible to get just a seat cover from Koxx one.

do what julia said and if the lace is too long then wrap part of it around the seatpost which will minimize part of the lace. it also looks nice im doing it atm. but if you want a new cover you can get just the cover at: http://www.unicikli.hu/ but the only problem is shipping and that Tomi might only have the leather versions. but he puts grommets through the underside so you dont have to put the holes by yourself with a knife or something sharp. :roll_eyes: