koxx-one saddles

do these saddles have a four post pillar bracket thing? to accept say, a kh seat post? and are these pretty much like a myatta saddle but witha better handle and everything?

also what color(including all the new camos and everything) out of all of the normal saddles(not gel or the comfort ones) would look best on a kh trials

id say the blue camo one would look best on the kh and yes the k1 saddles have the same mounting brackets as the kh.

They aren’t pretty much like miyata saddles, they are basically the same thing as the KH gel seats. I think the koxx and Kh seats have the same shaped base and handle and stuff.

well the regular koxx ones have no gel and are thinner than the kh ones, because then they also have a koxx comfort one thats as thick as the kh

Yeah but that is just the shape of the foam, I think the base/handle/bumper are the same on the kh and koxx. So if you mean its like a miyata because the foam is a lower profile then, yeah but its like a KH in all the other ways.

k thanks

im gonna get a koxx seat then when i get my kh (i still need a job though)

also do they rip easy? it seems everytime i see a close-up of xavs, its ripped

its ripped because xav beats the hell out of it. and it is very string…i think the side panels are kevlar.

well kevlar frAys and stuff easily, its not that hard to rip, people always assume that kevlars some amazing thing just cuz it can occasionlaly stop bullets and thats olny if its like ten layers thick