Koxx-one saddles

The new Koxx-one saddles are here:http://www.koxx-one.com/index2.html
They are cool but expensive(I think)
I hope Kris Holm will make some of the same saddles but cheaper:D

i like that camo one but i think the price is a bit steep plus shipping would probly be almost equal to the price of the seat.

they are so kool! can you buy just the cover? Where does it say the price?

I really like the look of them but does any one know what there like to ride I would imagine great but does anyone have an opinion

Where will they be available in America?

proberly renegade juggling and municycle.com

I just ordered a new hub and cranks from renegade and while talking with them they said that they were talking with koxx to get some more stuff in soon.

they are very nice to ride. Ive ridin koxx and they r great

BAHAHA, you’ve “ridden” the “koxx” eh?

phfffffff haha.

yeah the seats are hella tizzight


that cameo one would suit tomsey’s uni really well.

problem is shipping. if someone closer to home sold them then i would buy one.

You guys will probably be able to buy a bunch at Unicon. At least you’ll save on shippiing, and I’m sure there will be some kind of discount (but that’s just my guess)

They r pretty damn sweet :smiley:

realy nice ! i love it
and it’s good to ride with
strong too because kevlar

Any pimpcycle will NEED a leopard seat now!

yep, you could put it over your heart… in case you get shot.

oh god i’m funny.

They’re awesome. Hope to see them around soon.