Koxx One Saddle

I really wanted to make a custom Koxx-One unicycle that had an Alien Backflip saddle, but I noticed today that they don’t have gel or even thick foam in them. Would that be really uncomfortable to ride even slightly long with? I only wanted that saddle because it looks awesome.

Is it possible to take the seat cover off and add gel inserts then reattach the cover? Would it look good? Would it be worth it to do that, or should I just buy a gel saddle instead?

what kind of riding are you planning to do? If it’s for Trials, Street or flatland riding it will be good the way it is, if it’s for Muni or distance I would get a KH freeride seat.

I want to do a lot of trials and street, but the good stuff to ride on is spread out so our unicycling club has to ride a bit of a distance from the high school to get to places. So I want it to be comfy for doing that.

I’m not really into distance riding, but if I do have to ride far to get to something I don’t want it to be uncomfortable.

I have no experience with Koxx-One Saddles. The “thin layer of foam” sounds like its going to feel liking I’m sitting on a piece of wood. No good padding at all.

Most street/ trials/ flatland seats feel like wood. You get used to it.

they arent comfortable but thats not the point of those saddles…

OK thanks everyone for your replies!