Koxx One Released New Unis (Devil Flight)

Check on their website:

There’s only one new part in this unis, The pedals!

Finally K1 released pedals to match with their awesome rims!


The cranks are even colored!

They look nice but they sould make them with street cranks too. (and do they have stickers on the frame yet?)

I think that the colored Koxx Logo is just a reflect of the pedal…

Yoggi didn’t posted pics of the pedals alone… I really want one (But they are pretty expensive!)

I wish here in Australia we could get Koxx. Id love to get a KH / koxx Uni. And I love those coloured rims <3

The uni have been on sale for a long time… Renegade made some customs like these unis too!

The pedal that you posted is a Gusset…I don’t think that K1 will sell Gusset Pedals… This pedals in flight unis are probably Try-All’s…

Bye :smiley:

Gussets are awesome pedals…

for someone who likes metal pedals…


I just picked up another set of eastern plastics…

Holy early 90’s neon, batman!

I want a set of eastern nylon pedals… but it’s out of stock in all BXM stores here in Brazil. Next week i will search then again here… or i just will buy from danscomp.com… (Shipping is slooooooooooooooooow)…

here are pedals!

and other pedals …

Awesome Yoggi! But will K1 sell just the TI Axle too, or just the entire pedal set?

Very expensive… I would rather get a BD 2 frame

Very True!

But i have the Magnesium Body…I Just want the axle… And you can use this axle in a lot of different pedals… For me the biggest problem is that i always bent the axle… and the body still ok… :o

Another “new” unicycle, just a fluo devil with matching pedals.
But kind of like them though.
But Yoggi, just wondering, when are you gonna switch to CNC bearingholders?

its not new, just different colours.

Bingo! I found the spare axles in a website:

Bob Elliot Co. Ltd.

Yeah, just a new color scheme, but the pedals are new!


Yeah koxx need to get up and wander over to their drawing board and leave the crayons alone.
CNC bearing holders are so much better, and I was annoyed that I cannot put my K1 wheelset in a KH frame without getting out the grinder. Koxx need to start making new desins and parts, not changing the colours!

I dont see many advantages in cnc bearing holders except that it is more expensive I unicycle since 12 years with normal ones and never had a problem. Congrats to koxx for the most expensive pedals i ever saw ;).

Like I said in the message before you :wink:

a little birdy told me they had a whole new line of unicycles coming out.