Koxx One Released Alien Backflip line!

does anyone know if renegade will be selling the new hoodies? Because the alien one is fairly kick ass!

yeah I didn’t check. I just assumed that since other people were talking about it then it must have have been the case.

Oh well.

But still. These aren’t all that different from a regular trials uni. A slightly different frame? It’s not that specialized.

Although they are pretty dang cool.

I did check that stats, and many said “not for hopping.” Seems silly to get a fat, heavy uni that you can’t hop on. If you want to do freestyle/flatland, get a cheapo freestyle. If you want to do trials and street, (and flatland) get a trials. Two categories is all they need, not four.

You can hop on it, just big drops will bend the cranks (they are similar to the 05/06 KH cranks). A cheap freestyle uni would be pretty bad for flat because cotterless cranks are usually really skinny.

from what ive seen, flat ads a lot of stress to the uni too. really nice unis though, but i like my kh nimbus hybrid

Forget the hoodies, I want a t-shirt. Anyone know where one would go about finding a K1 t-shirt, or is renegade the only option (other than custom made of course)?

Are they really ISIS, or are they “KoxxIS” that isn’t compatible with actual ISIS?

Well… I still don’t like it, but I will defer to your experience on this matter. Wouldn’t a trials do all of the above just fine, though?

Yeah, in reality it is just a trials uni with parts chosen to make it better for flat riding. I doubt the weight difference between the light and reinforced hubs really matters when it comes to riding so I don’t see a reason to use the light hub; it just makes the setup weaker. The koxx street cranks are way better for flat than the koxx trials cranks so you would need to decide what is more important to your riding style, strength or stability for crank tricks.
A flatland friendly version of KH moment cranks would be ideal because you don’t have to give up anything. :wink:

Depends on who you talk to. I have fit non K1 cranks on a K1 hub, and K1 cranks on a none K1 hub, it has mostly to do with the frame.

Off topic, but before I clicked on the Koxx-One link, I knew it was going to be full of Flash.

I have been told that since other manufacturers started using the ISIS spline setup Koxx has slowly altered their hub and cranks so that they are compatible.

The problem was never that the design was wrong, the problem was with the tolerances for the manufacturing process. The tolerances have as far as I am aware been revised and it should soon if it isn’t already be within the ISIS spec.

I’ve not tried to put K1 cranks on a KH hub or put Moments on a K1 hub but it should work if the tolerances are close enough.


So… they were slacking and got caught and now they are fixing it and hoping no-one would notice? Nice…

This is what I didnt understand. Why would an international standard have different tolerances? That puts it outside of the standard doesnt it? Just seems like a bad excuse to me.

The stuff looks kool though.

I don’t get why you need a 2.5 tyre for flat and street. I don’t know much about flat riding but it seems like you may as well just use a light, smooth tyre like free style unis have. Well we’re on the topic, what are the best ISIS cranks for flatland? Would they be the 125mm QU-AX ones with nubs?

Yeah. There is nothing as annoying as a craptastic flash site. It’s like having a red banner shouting “UNPROFESSIONAL!!!, UNPROFESSIONAL!!!” at the top of your website.

The QU-AX ISIS cranks do not have nubs anymore. See the second part of this thread.

I’m not sure how good they are for flat, specifically, compared to other ISIS cranks…

Both look like they have nubs.

Did you go down and read my post after the pictures of the two?

The first picture (posted by WOFT) in that thread shows the old version. The QU-AX ISIS cranks I have, and the ones I have seen on several other peoples QU-AX trials, do not have the nubs.