Koxx One Released Alien Backflip line!

K1 just released the new unicycles in their web site:

Koxx Web Site

Domina 2 was released too!

some cool stuff!

glad to see someone knows how to make a title better than this one

Sorry to post something that was posted before!

But i was so exited with these news! If i do not get a sponsor…I will buy this alien backflip… is So Cool…

Anyway… fell free to delete this thread!


Naww its cool, I think this thread is better because you actualy made an understandable title.

All of these unicycles are beautiful.

I think I am in love with them :slight_smile:

Has anyone else seen Loic’s uni with the white tire, it is sooooo sick.

I love the Alien backflip seat and the frame a lot :slight_smile:


Meh, the same parts just in different combos and colors. Their nice though. I’m loving my white russian frame.

Exactly, seems like Koxx-one is notorious for that.

So, does the Black Domina II have a longer neck? What’s so different about it?

It says the domina II frame is more reinforced around the welding area.

Obviously Koxx-One just release the same stuff in loads of different colours, but look at all the money they’re making from it. People will pay for looks. And you have to admit, that alien uni looks sweet! The green really stands out on the black.

Tipical Koxx One, new uni means: old uni + new colours + new design seat.
But the new uni’s cost only 14€ more then the BD, so I would go for one of the new ones instead of the regular BD.
I say they look good, but no major changes.

Peter M

I know about the BD II.
But, uhm the crown of the BD was also like the KH with the “grippy texture”.
Look at the pictures of the broken ones, there you will see the texture on :wink:

Peter M

Would those seats withstand the force of a trials/street rider?

The BD frames are not just like the KH frames. KOXX frames have 2 welds where the seat tube and crown meet, the KH has 1.

That really is a bummer that the seat covers are not removable. Looks like an old cover and Velcro for me.

New shirts are pretty cool, and how funny… where it says “so cool to ride with sane deco on your uni and your hoddie”. hahah

They are the same exact seat bases as a KH saddles. The only thing different is the foam and cover. Plastics bases, stiffener plates, handles and bumpers, are all made identical in the VELO factory.

It seems silly to have different product lines for street, flat, and trials. What ever happened to getting one uni and doing them all? If a wanted a square tape hub that I can’t jump on I’d use my LX.

And if you want a top of the line (ISIS) splined uni, these are a great option.

Progress is happening, thats what. The individual disciplines are becoming more advanced and require more specialized parts.

i got told that the Domina II that Loic rode broke… at koxx days.

not good especially since it mustve been in front of dozens of people… broke before it got released! haha

the strenghtening aint too amazing tbh. but notice how Xav’s alien backflip frame is a bit higher in the crown.

It’s silly if there is little difference in them to make it worthwhile.

It does seem kind of useless to have a square taper hub, when it probably doesn’t save much weight and still ends up being expensive. Am I right? And how are the rest of the parts all that specialized, apart from a slightly different shaped frame, which is not exactly new and groundbreaking?

Aside from the colors, of course. :slight_smile:

If either of you checked the actual stats of the unis, neither have square taper hubs, they both have ISIS light hubs which they use on the XTP.

The should have put a white Tryall Sticky on the green spirit…

and the XTP has light cranks, the hub is reinforced.

My bad, I got the two confused.