Koxx-One Rail Hunter?

Hey guys. Does anyone here ride a koxx one rail hunter? I’m thinking about getting one (yes, I know how much they are.) Does anyone know how I can get one over to America? What do you think of the rail hunter? Is it strong? Is it Light? Is it a good buy? I’m a trials unicycler by the way. Thanks!

I have one. its very strong. But i have an other wheelset. the standart wheelset is ok but for advanced trials riding not really good. also the cranks are light but not very strong. the frame is the best aluminium frame i know for trials. The best part is the frame the seatpost is also really good. i dont know wherre to buy in america cause im from europe. i would think about it the koxx carbon and the impact gravity they have the same price i think. I would wait on other responses

i hope that i helped if not just ask me



+50 $ shipping to usa